4 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

There are 3 types of questions I get all the time on my blog – 1) What am I wearing and where can you get it, 2) What are my best travel recommendations, and 3) What things I’ve learned about blogging and what is my…

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White Eyelet

One of my favorite summer fabrics is white eyelet. It can be dressed up or down, and the design (which looks like “eyes”) is very summery. With Labor Day fast approaching, I know some will be preparing to swear off white pants, so white on…

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3 Products to Combat Acne

I love sharing my latest beauty product favorites with you all, so today I am sharing one that has been the most requested – my favorite products to combat acne. I realize now how lucky I truly was with perfectly clear skin while I was…

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The A List is a destination for those seeking inspiration on the most sought-after in fashion, travel, food, and beauty. I welcome my readers into my feminine and fast-paced world and hope to encourage them to express themselves through style.

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I recently stopped washing my face with water and started using this. I’ve seen AMAZING results so far and a clear complexion!


This perfume has been my signature scent since January. I first started wearing it in Paris and now I am obsessed!


This bag is the new “it bag” of the moment. Circle straw bags are majorly popular this summer, and this bag is one of the most popular.


I have been obsessed with Tabitha Simmons lately and I love these heeled loafers on sale!

Floral Hat

As summer draws to a close (well, maybe not in Los Angeles..), I am finding all kinds of reasons to bring out some of my favorite summer accessories, such as this floral hat. This past summer season, I accumulated more hats than I typically have…

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Top 5 Favorite European Honeymoon Destinations

It wasn’t long ago that my husband and I enjoyed our honeymoon, so today I am sharing my favorite European honeymoon destinations. Despite spending a majority of the last few years in Europe, there was never any question about where we would spend our honeymoon…

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My Favorite Summer Sandals

It’s officially August, which means we have a month and a half left of summer and a month and a half left of me getting to wear my favorite summer sandals. I think this past summer season, I have accumulated more sandals than in summers…

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First Date Looks

While a lot has changed in terms of style when I went out on my first date with my husband, first date looks have not changed too much when it comes to making that good first impression. This past weekend, Tor and I celebrated seven…

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