About Alyssa

Hello there! I’m Alyssa, a former Miss USA and model turned blogger.

Born and raised in New Jersey, I began my career in fashion at age 16 as a model in New York City. At age 20, I moved across the country to Los Angeles to further pursue my career on the west coast. When I wasn’t modeling, I was studying history (I am particularly obsessed with royal history) and anthropology in college. I also attended an acting conservatory for one year in New York City as well as attended the Institute of Culinary Education.

I started documenting my fashion and jet setting life on Instagram while as Miss USA in 2011. Realizing my passion for writing, fashion, and travel, I decided to pursue blogging full time and launched my first blog “Jumpers & Jasmine” in 2014. In 2015, my blog was relaunched as The A List.

Based in Los Angeles, I define my style as bold, feminine, classic, and chic. A girly-girl at heart, The A List is my public fashion and travel diary in which I share with my readers the most sought after in the world of fashion, food, and travel. Together with my husband Torrance, we run The A List in the hope to inspire and influence my readers to express themselves through style. Come and see what’s at the top of my “list”!


Alyssa Campanella Coombs