A Pawfect Stay with Luca at Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

Last year was our first summer with our precious little Luca. He wasn’t even one year old yet, but we thought it would be fun to introduce him to a little travel since hopefully he will be traveling more often later in his life. The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong offers a Pawfect Stay package that is perfect for our four-legged fur babies and offers some romantic time for fur mama and fur dada too. I had yet to experience a staycation at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, so this was an exciting opportunity for both me and Luca.

We were supposed to bring Argos along too, however shortly before our staycation the poor guy injured his back. We were about to postpone our night at the hotel, but then the beau’s mom suggested she watch Argos for the night (also known as “spoil him rotten”) so he would have proper rest without an energetic puppy jumping up and down on him. So we packed Luca’s little suitcase, hopped into red taxi, and went straight for the 108-story ICC tower in Kowloon.


Hotel: Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Situated on the northern bank of Hong Kong’s iconic Victoria Harbour, the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong is one of the highest hotels in the world as it occupies the top floors of the International Commerce Centre (ICC) Tower. Overlooking Hong Kong from the most epic of bird’s eye views, it’s really hard to simply not curl up in the window and watch the city thrive 108 stories below. Our room was a corner room facing west and northwest, giving us the most impeccable of sunset views. Even Luca enjoyed the massive windows and comfortable window seats. We had clear, sunny weather during our stay, but during summer thunderstorms I bet it is pretty cool to find yourself high amongst the clouds.

As soon as we arrived at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, everyone was extremely eager to meet little Luca. From the moment our taxi doors swung open outside the hotel entrance, Luca was greeted with smiles and squeals. He was loving the attention, and his tail remained wagging even as we rode the elevator 103 stories up towards the top. The happy little pup was greeted by his name at check-in, with everyone saying, “Hello, Luca!” and making him feel like the little prince that he is.

Part of Luca’s “pawfect stay” at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong included a plush dog bed (which he sadly didn’t use because my diva pup preferred our king-sized bed), food and water bowls, potty pads for happy accidents, and the most adorable little Lion Pierre plush toy with Luca’s name inscribed on it. There’s also a pet-friendly room service menu and complimentary use of a pet stroller (perfect for bringing your fur baby to the nearby West Kowloon Art Park).

Another perk of bringing your fur baby to the Ritz-Carlton is it offers a pet babysitter should mom and dad want to go exploring other parts of the hotel or go on a date night. Dogs and cats are not allowed in the restaurants, spa, or swimming pool, so if you’d like to enjoy any of those spots you’ll need to enquire about a babysitter. We took advantage of this by hiring a babysitter for an hour so we could go up to the 107th floor and enjoy Hong Kong’s highest swimming pool overlooking the city and the harbour just before sunset. While Luca was getting spoiled by his babysitter, mom and dad went to the pool. At this point, Hong Kong had just reopened swimming pools after nearly a year of closure due to the pandemic, so naturally I was extremely eager to get my toes in the water. If you’re lucky, try to grab the corner lounge bed next to the pool since it offers the best views of the city. It was hard to leave the pool, so we made plans to return again in the morning after breakfast if a babysitter was available.

Since we had already left Luca alone for an hour with the babysitter, we decided to have dinner in our room with our pup that evening. As part of our pet staycation, our package included 20% off in-room dining, so I ordered a Hainanese chicken and some red wine while Luca dined on some poached salmon and wild rice as he donned a fancy little bow-tie. We watched a movie while we ate, and it wasn’t long after dinner before Luca got a little sleepy. While Luca and the beau curled up together after dinner, I decided to take a bath. Towards the end of my bath, Luca made his way into the bathroom to check on me and to also yell at me to get out so we could cuddle. Because he’s cute, he got away with that. However, I wasn’t tired yet, so the beau and I ordered two mugs of hot chocolate to our room. We turned off all the lights, grabbed Luca, and the three of us curled up on the window seat watching the calm serenity of Hong Kong at midnight below us before heading to bed.

The next morning, we ordered in some room service for breakfast. Luca had spent the night sleeping in between the beau and I, and he certainly seemed extremely comfortable sleeping on his back with his arms up in the air. As I sipped on some breakfast tea and nibbled on some dim sum by the window, Luca enjoyed some fresh fruit and scrambled eggs as we watched Hong Kong wake up around us.

After breakfast, the beau and I enjoyed the pool one more time during the hotel’s quiet hours, and Luca had some playtime with his Ritz-Carlton babysitter. We had requested a late check out, and so the pool was less crowded at this time while other guests were checking out. When we returned upstairs, it was time to enjoy an indoor luxurious picnic which is a part of the Pawfect Stay package. Besides yummy finger sandwiches, scones, sweet treats, and fresh lemonade for mom and dad, Luca was pampered with special dog treats, more fruit, and fresh vegetables. The picnic can occur in your room or at the nearby West Kowloon Art Park, but with temperatures that day already severely hot, we decided not to subject poor little Luca to the aggressive heat and stayed inside.

It was really hard for the beau and I to say goodbye to the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, but it was even harder for Luca to say goodbye. As we checked out in the lobby on the 103rd floor, all the staff came by to say their goodbyes to Luca before we departed. Thriving on the attention, Luca’s tail was wagging fast and we knew we would be back again soon for another pawfect staycation. Next time, we can’t wait to bring Argos (who had a lovely night with his grandma and got lots of rest).



Thank you to the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong for sponsoring our stay with the Pawfect Stay package. Although we were guests of the Ritz-Carlton, all opinions are my own.

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