My 5 Travel Necessities

A lot of you have wondered what some of my travel necessities are and what things I simply cannot travel without. Since today I am traveling east back to my home state of New Jersey, I think this is the perfect time to share what’s currently and usually in my bag.

We are always on the go whether it be for the blog, for Tor’s filming, or for leisure. While a majority of what I pack depends on our destination and our plans there, there are still some key travel necessities I always make sure to pack no matter where we are headed. From cozy shoes to my staple undergarments to even my favorite travel blanket, I’m sharing all of my favorites.

One of the most important of all my travel necessities would be – “lady coverage” a.k.a. bras. I know this isn’t some groundbreaking discovery to share, but I usually keep my bras simple when we travel. I always pack my nude bras instead of colorful ones just because nude goes well underneath anything and I don’t want to take any chances of something peeping through. My favorite nude bra happens to be from Spanx and I wear it all the time. It’s so comfortable, which is important when traveling. I also always pack a strapless bra, since sometimes those are the better choice depending on the top or dress I am planning to wear. I got my favorite strapless bra back in Ireland in February 2016, and it’s still coming with me on my travels today. It seriously doesn’t budge, which was one reason why I always hated strapless bras in the first place. And finally, when you’ve got that one wardrobe item where neither a regular or strapless bra will work, there’s always handy dandy nipple covers. I always bring these just in case no matter what I have packed.

My next travel necessity may be an interesting one, but it’s a travel blanket. I’ve mentioned this before in previous posts, but for those who don’t know, I get cold very easily – especially on planes. While we are fortunate to usually travel in business class whenever we fly, those thin airplane blankets don’t do much for me and still leave me shivering. Plus, I have read horror stories that they aren’t the most hygienic and since my immune system is not amazing, I decided to start to bring my own blanket with me. It feels like a comforter but rolls up into a small pouch that hardly takes up room in my carry-on. No more shivering for this girl!

Another go-to of my travel necessities would be a good pair of jeans. Yes, the girl who owns more dresses than pants has actually mentioned jeans as a travel necessity. While I love getting dressed up, sometimes there are those more laid-back or casual moments that call for a comfortable top and a good comfortable pair of jeans. If a flight is under 3 hours, I usually prefer to travel in pair (currently obsessed with wearing these ones under $80). However, if a flight is longer than 3 hours, I tend to change into lounge pants in the bathroom because I will be trying to get some sleep.

Continuing with a clothing travel necessity, you will never be sorry for packing a cardigan. While the temperatures in New Jersey right now are (abnormally) warm during the day, it cools down significantly at night as does most places. It doesn’t hurt to have a cozy cardigan at the ready. I’ve been obsessed with this one lately, but I have also heard amazing things about this one that would probably work even better on a plane.

And finally, since a lot of you have been asking how I keep my hair perfectly curled whenever we travel domestically or abroad, I’m sharing my secret – this interchangeable curling wand. Not only does it produce my favorite kind of curls AND gives you three different versions to choose from on one wand, but it feature universal voltage which means it works around the world. You just need the appropriate adapter for the country you’re visiting to plug it in. I’ve been using this wand since our Cabo trip back in June and it’s all I have used since then!

There you have it – my five travel necessities. All of these are currently in my suitcase(s) below on the plane and usually always are. What are some of your favorite travel necessities?

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  1. Erika K

    Interesting post! I love travel blankets as well, and I always, always carry a book or two for plane rides and down time. I just picked up Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood; what are you reading?

    Posted 10.20.17 Reply
    • The A List

      I am currently reading Volume I of The Crown that goes along with the Netflix series. Explains more historical info in-depth 😉

      Posted 10.23.17 Reply
  2. I never thought that the travel blankets that airlines provide would be dirty and as I am a germophobe that is so unlike me! I normally always travel with British Airways and they give travel blankets in a pre sealed plastic bag so I have always assumed they are clean! I will now start bringing my own one! Also I always travel with hand sanitiser, do you?

    Posted 10.20.17 Reply
    • The A List

      I also think my own travel blanket is thicker and heavier, which I find extra comfortable. I usually travel with sanitizer but I also never touch anything directly with my fingers.

      Posted 10.23.17 Reply