Privacy Policy


The only personal information my site collects is the information you voluntarily give, such as your name when you comment on a post or your email address should you choose to email me. Non-personal information that may be collected by my affiliates are analytics such as your IP address, your browser type, keywords used to find the site, specific pages you visit, and the duration of your visits. All of those are used to help me better cater to what my readers are enjoying most.

Affiliate Links

Some of the links on my site are affiliate links. For example, if you click a link on my site and make a purchase through one of those links, I may make a commission from that purchase or click. This does not affect the price you pay at checkout.

Other links

I may use links to other websites that may not be affiliated. The A List is not responsible for any content or information on those websites.


The A List is a friendly, positive zone. Any spam, discriminatory, inappropriate, or rude comments will be removed immediately.

Policy Update

This policy may be updated from time to time. Please keep checking back for the latest update. Last update: April 2016.


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