Cozy Chic Sweaters

It has been cooler, cloudier, and yes even rainier (is that a word?) this week in Los Angeles, which is making me pull out all of my favorite sweaters to wrap myself up in. Despite living in a city that is practically summer for 10 months out of the year, I have a surprisingly large sweater collection. I’m always cold, and thus I am always on the search for the best cozy chic sweaters.

My absolute favorite type of sweater is an oversized one. Not only are they usually incredibly warm, but they are perfect for layering, too. On days where I am only in the office and do not have anywhere else to be, my go-to look is comfy leggings and an oversized sweater. This year it felt like there were cozy chic sweaters to be coveted left and right, so I am highlighting some of my favorites.


Favorite Sweater Cardigans

I have more cardigans in my closet than pullovers, mostly because it’s easy to take a cardigan off if I get too warm. I wear this one all the time (I’m wearing it right now!), and I also love this one (another one of my regular favorites) and this one.


Favorite Sweater Coats

Not quite a coat but not quite a cardigan, sweater coats come in between. I swear by this one when I travel in the cooler months, but I am also loving this one and this one, too.


Favorite Turtleneck Sweaters

With Iceland and Finland trips almost back-to-back, and since my neck gets cold super easily, I needed to stock up on some turtleneck sweaters. I love this one, this one, this one and this one.


Favorite Statement Sleeve Sweaters

This is my favorite category of cozy chic sweaters – statement sleeves! I’m bringing this sweater and this sweater (ironically, Meghan Markle just wore a similar one at her latest appearance) to NYC and Finland, but I am also loving this one, this one (I have two in grey and green!), and this one.


Favorite Lounge Sweaters

As I said, whenever I am solely working in the office for the day, I rely on the comfiest and coziest loungewear, especially sweaters. I bought this one not that long ago and love it so much that I’ll be wearing it on the plane next week. I also love this one, this one, and this one.


I am packing a plethora of sweaters for our trip (even though I promised Tor I’d keep it to a minimum…. sorry T!) and cannot wait to highlight some of coziest ones while we frolic in the snow!




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    I don’t who is excited more you or me.. I’m very much looking forward for your trip to Finlqnd , and can’t wait to read about Finland from you….

    Posted 1.10.18 Reply
    • The A List

      Aww thank you Praveena! I will be doing a post on everything I am packing for Finland on Monday!

      Posted 1.10.18 Reply
  2. Kristine

    I have noticed you have s lot of sweaters and coats for someone who lives in California 😊 I guess you are prepared. I love the big long sweaters too I think they look more stylish and you can still see the outfit under.

    Posted 1.10.18 Reply
    • The A List

      My husband made that same comment to me the other day. To be fair, I get cold very easily. For example, it’s been in the mid-70s here and I’m still wearing a sweater (I’m also in denial haha). We also are usually having to relocate to places that have cold winters, so it’s helpful to already have sweaters to pack. 😉

      Posted 1.10.18 Reply
  3. Karina

    I like the way cozy oversized sweaters look on such femenine and charming girls like you. Have a nice trip!

    Posted 1.11.18 Reply
    • The A List

      Thank you so much Karina!

      Posted 1.11.18 Reply
  4. I found your site through my *small* obsession with Reign (Adelaide Kane is honestly goals). But then I started following you more genuinely and I really like the tone you set for your blog and your life in general.

    I am also obsessed with your style, but I am so sad that a lot of these sweaters are not more affordable! Do you have any go-to stores that might be in a less pricey range? Nordstrom was good, but I was hoping for more options. Thanks!

    Posted 1.17.18 Reply
  5. I like cardigans too because it is easy to wear and stylish. No need to mess with hair while pulling of the sweater.

    Posted 3.5.18 Reply