Welcome to The A List

Hello there, A-listers! Welcome to what I like to call the new and improved “Jumpers & Jasmine” – The A List! After months of planning, researching, designing, and editing, I am beyond thrilled to finally launch this new adventure.

The whole process began back in October 2014, when I began to think about changing my original blog’s name. I have absolutely loved blogging over the past year and wanted to take it to the next level but I needed to do so with a name that was a bit more personal and a bit more memorable. In December, I finally settled on the new name without telling anyone for a while because I wanted to be sure it was the right name. But I think deep down I already knew it was. I hired my dear friend Ariel at Digital7Media to help me revamp Jumpers & Jasmine, and after months of configuring layouts and making sure even all the fonts throughout the site were perfect – we finally had my new site.

The A List will bring you the latest in fashion such as style tips, what’s trending, and what’s in my closet. It will also bring you the latest in beauty – newest products, what I use on my skin, and how to get my makeup looks. And since food is a huge hit on Instagram, I will still be indulging my A-listers with my latest recipes and food finds across the globe. So stay tuned – it’s going to be a super fun year and I cannot wait to show you guys! Renly and Daenerys may even make cameos…. including in the pic below!

The A List Alyssa & Daenerys

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  1. Yay! I am so excited for you!

    Posted 3.23.15 Reply
  2. Katie

    Congratulations on launching your new site! I’m so excited to see what The A List has in store!

    Posted 3.23.15 Reply
  3. Looks amazing!! So happy for you and excited to read ❤️

    Posted 3.23.15 Reply
  4. Adriana Nicole

    Looks wonderful!! I’ve stumbled upon so many blogs and am happy to say that yours is my absolute favorite! Beyond excited to continue reading!

    Posted 3.23.15 Reply
  5. Ariel Henderson

    Love the new look! Excited for more awesome content!!

    Posted 3.23.15 Reply
  6. Tara

    Congratulations on the launch! I love the new look!

    Posted 3.23.15 Reply
  7. Yaaay!! Congrats on the launch! The site looks very pretty and I’m sure the journey that starts today is gonna be one to remember!
    Wish you the best of luck and sending big hugs,

    Posted 3.23.15 Reply
  8. Marla

    So excited for your official relaunch!! Way to go!!! Looking forward to reading your posts!

    Posted 3.23.15 Reply
  9. Almarita

    Congrats on the new site. Keep up the great work….

    Posted 3.23.15 Reply
  10. Kelly Bachtell

    This is really very cool! You have such eclectic taste. I can’t wait to see more!

    Posted 3.23.15 Reply
  11. natalie

    From one Italian to another, i say “brava.” Your parents should be proud!! I wish all twenty-somethings had their acts together like you. You seem like such a fierce, focused woman with such a gentle soul. All the best my dear.

    Posted 3.24.15 Reply
  12. Congratulations!! Your blog is really splendid! It looks so pure and refined. Cannot wait to see more

    Posted 3.24.15 Reply
  13. Congratulations on the launch new look are perfect

    Posted 9.9.15 Reply