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Hello from the very sunny, very beautiful Cayman Islands! While I have never been much of a beach person, I can’t help but feel that ultimate freeing feeling when I twirl on the beach in a gorgeous dress. There’s nothing like the sun’s rays tickling the back of my neck, my feet sinking deep beneath the sand, and the warm ocean water hitting the edges of my dress. Being on an island in the Caribbean this week meant packing some romantic beach vacation dresses to frolic in along the sand and water.

There are many things that pair well together in life, and the beach plus a romantic beach vacation dress happens to be one of those perfect pairs. While we are now in the full swing of autumn and winter isn’t too far off, that doesn’t mean a beach escape isn’t in your near future. In fact, this is the perfect time of year to hit up the islands since it’s not too hot and also not too crowded. I’m also just trying to find excuses to get to wear a pretty dress by the water.

For a list of some of the dresses I have brought to the Cayman Islands, check out my post here. Some of my romantic beach vacation dresses in my suitcase include two pieces I brought exclusively for beachside dinners in mind: an off the shoulder dress and a gorgeous red maxi. I also brought a light dress like this as a swim cover up, but it could easily be layered or accessorized to become a romantic day dress.

Some of my favorite affordable options include this yellow maxi (seriously, how gorgeous is this?!) and this yellow maxi, this breezy blue and white maxi, and this pink maxi dress that’s perfect for a romantic dinner by the water. You also can’t go wrong with this off the shoulder option and this romantic white option. There’s also this backless maxi dress, which is a similar and more affordable version of the Kalita dress I am wearing in the photos.

Some higher end pieces that I LOVE include this sleeveless midi dress (OBSESSED with this, plus it also comes in yellow floral!), this red cut-out maxi (plus it’s on sale!), this silk floral dress, this off the shoulder floral midi, and this fun colorful floral number.

All of these stunners would make romantic beach vacation dresses for your next getaway and for your escape to that tropical island. Don’t mind me, I’m just going to be adding each and every one of these pieces to my shopping cart….

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Photos by Torrance Coombs.

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  1. Rachel

    You look amazing in this dress !!