The Wicker Bag Trend

By now, I’m sure you’ve all over my Instagram and here on The A List that I definitely succumbed to the biggest trend this season: the wicker bag trend. It’s pretty hard not to – there are so many cute and chic wicker bags this year! Today, I’m rounding up some of my favorites – both currently in my closet and on my wish list.

There are multiple ways to say it – wicker, straw, rattan – but they’re all THE bag of the moment. It’s hard to find a look on Instagram or on your favorite bloggers’ site without seeing one and with good reason. There are so many stylish and even adorable wicker bags right now that even my husband thinks I may need to have an intervention (I use the excuse that we live in Los Angeles so I will get plenty of use out of them throughout the year ha!).

I’d say the wicker bag trend really began last summer with Cult Gaia’s famous Ark bags. Almost every blogger has one now and it’s really easy to see why. The design is unique, but also what shocked many of you was how such a popular bag actually ran for under $100 (they’re now $125). While $125 is still not “cheap”, it’s a bit more affordable than other bags that can tack on another 0 or two to that number. It has been such a popular bag that even my two besties Raquel and Addy have the same bag as me.

Wicker bags are both extremely versatile and a lot of fun. There are multiple ways to dress up a wicker bag. My favorite ways are with a scarf (seen here) or with pom pom tassels (seen here). One of the most popular wicker bags these days is the Nannacay Baby Roge bag (last seen here). I mean, how adorable is it? I asked you all on Instagram Story which one I should go with (white, red, black, orange, or rainbow) and the votes were split between white and red!

Another super popular bag right now is the Serpui Destiny bag. I fell in love with this bag the first moment I saw it. You can currently preorder a black version, however I heard a rumor they may re-introduce this original bag later in the year.

I don’t see the wicker bag trend dying down anytime soon, at least I won’t let it! There are so many cool options – both affordable and high end – for the summer that easily completes any outfit. Below are a list of my favorite wicker bags currently:


Pom Pom Bags

This bag mentioned above. It currently comes in red ombré pom poms, blue, and orange. I have the red and white, however that orange is also tempting!

– Another one of my favorites is this straw bag with the pom pom trio. It comes in two sizes (I have the small) and several colors, like this pastel version.


Straw Bags

This bamboo bag also mentioned above (I have the small). Now it comes in a multitude of colors such as white, red, green, and black, despite all not being wicker/bamboo. It’s still a really cool bag!

This straw bag has been one of my favorites recently (last seen here). You can preorder it here.

– I am currently expecting the arrival of this bag later today all the way from Portugal! It was custom made (so it took 2-3 weeks) and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.


Circle Bags

– I recently received this circle straw bag from Morocco thanks to the recommendation from my friend Grace at The Stripe (see her post here). I had been looking for an affordable version of a Rachel Comey circle straw bag from last year and this was it!

– Speaking of circle wicker bags, this one and this one are going to be incredibly popular this summer. I am already starting to see them everywhere.

– There are also smaller circle wicker bags similar to the Serpui, such as this one and this one.


Basket Bags

– Another trend are straw baskets. I absolutely love this version, but I also recently ordered this less expensive version. I am also obsessed with this one especially since it has pink on it!

This straw bag is my favorite beach bag at the moment. I love the pink details (also comes in blue) and how much it actually can fit inside of it! I also LOVE this one for grocery shopping or a visit to the flower market.

What is your favorite wicker bag?


Photos by Torrance Coombs & Felicia Lasala.

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  1. This bag is amazing, so summery! I also really like your flats 🙂

    Posted 5.18.17 Reply
    • The A List

      Thank you, Kristina!!

      Posted 5.18.17 Reply
  2. Alexia

    I’ve been following you around on the blog and Insta and would love it if you’d do a post about your favorite books/TV shows regarding royal history. I am a big history fan like you! If you haven’t read it yet The Royal We is adorable and I also love Sophia’s Coppola’s Marie Antoinette film.

    Posted 5.18.17 Reply
    • The A List

      I hope to do a post like that soon! For now, sign up for my newsletter because I like to share some of my favorite history books there 😉 Also I personally didn’t like The Royal We, but I did watch Marie Antoinette right before I left for Austria last year and then right before we visited Versailles in January 🙂

      Posted 5.18.17 Reply