About Alyssa Campanella of The A List blog

About Alyssa

Former Miss USA 2011 and fashion model Alyssa Campanella is no stranger to the digital world. Ambitious, driven, and a self-labeled Anglophile, the Los Angeles-based style and travel blogger was the first Miss USA to document her fashion and travels on social media. With a highly active following on social media, she launched her first blog in 2014 before launching The A List in 2015 as a full-time blogger. She’s appeared in magazines such as Marie Claire, Allure, lnStyle, and Glamour, as well as made several appearances cooking on Food Network. Her husband, actor Torrance Coombs, also happens to be her photographer and partner on the blog after having studied photography over the years which he always had a passion for. Together, they are considered a power couple by their many fans, followers, and readers and are always eager to create new content and keep readers engaged as they balance life in Los Angeles and abroad.


The A List is a lifestyle site which encourages and inspires the everyday woman, with a feminine and romantic point of view in fashion, travel, beauty, and home. Alyssa is known for her ladylike and dreamy style, drawing readers in with her enthusiasm, approachability, and relatability – not to mention a savvy and elegant approach to style and living. It is also known that she considers herself an Anglophile, having identifying her style as one that embodies class, savviness, and elegance, as well as having an interest in royal history and the English way of life. As a chic globetrotter, Alyssa is extremely passionate about her travels as she documents each moment and destination in her digital diary for her readers to gather inspiration from.


Alyssa Campanella Coombs