How We Handle Long Distance

I debated whether or not I should write this. I then debated whether or not I should publish it. But this site is about me and my life, and since many of you are curious as to how Tor and I manage certain things of…

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Girls’ Night / Hotel Indigo Downtown LA

One thing I am extremely grateful to have while living in a large city like Los Angeles is a close group of girlfriends. I’ve been living in Los Angeles since 2010, and I’ve known some of my girls since I first came out here. So…

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Our Finland Itinerary + VLOGS

I am concluding our Finland travel journey with our entire 10-day itinerary across the country! Our Finland itinerary was packed with all kinds of activities and experiences that really showed us the true culture of the Finnish people and their lifestyle. A lot of people…

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A flirty and feminine top for spring that can be paired with a skirt or even some cozy overalls.


I am obsessed with this gingham circle bag!


How pretty and feminine are these gorgeous heels?! I am in love!


The perfect pink and yellow pineapple dress to welcome spring and summer!

Skiing in Levi // Game of Thrones hotel

Picture a quaint Nordic skiing village filled with hotels, tasty restaurants, and a plethora of ski hills that would make the avid sportsman very excited. That is only just a brief description of Levi, the skiing village just north of Kittila in Lapland, Finland. There…

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Romantic Glass Igloo / Levin Iglut

There was one thing that needed to happen for sure on our trip to Finland – a stay in a romantic glass igloo! You’ve probably seen countless photos on social media by now of those stunning glass igloos tucked away in the snow, yearning for…

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  • On Sundays we dress up I planned on packing this
  • Having one of the best girls nights at the hotelindigodtla
  • A Parisian morning with sezane in time for their new
  • Theres a bit of a personal and emotional post over
  • Celebrating all the girls supermoms boss babes and more today
  • Time to say goodbye to winterstyle and hello to springstyle
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  • Bonjour LA! Jai une nouvelle trs excitante! Ive got some
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  • Super excited to be hosting a little style session with
  • Dont forget that I will be at the sezane pop
  • An early birthday treat enjoying the BNP Paribas Quarterfinals with
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Winter Road Trip with Sixt

To be able to explore more of what Lapland in Finland had to offer us, there was one thing Tor and I were very keen on doing – a winter road trip! After spending 16 days in Iceland driving around the entire country, a little…

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Arctic Treehouse Hotel / Luxury in Lapland

When you close your eyes and picture Finland, you probably picture miles upon miles of serenity, snow covered forests, pink sunsets, and reindeer. The truth is, you’d be right! As someone who yearns for winter (I know, I know – I’m weird), I knew our…

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  • Winter road trip wit

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