I love to answer my readers’ questions! Here are a few of the most popular and frequent FAQs I am asked on my site and on my social media:




How did you get started?

I technically started my public fashion diary on Instagram in 2012 while as the reigning Miss USA, but I didn’t start blogging until 2013 on my main website. In 2014, I shut that website down and reopened a new one solely dedicated to fashion blogging. In 2015, I officially renamed my blog “The A List.”

Why the name “The A List”?

It’s very simple – “A” for my name, Alyssa. Plus when you say “The A List” out loud, it kind of sounds like my nickname, Alyss.

Blogging looks easy. Do you just take pics and post them?

One of my biggest annoyances are people who assume blogging is easy. Modeling was a lot easier than blogging. As a full time blogger and the only one in charge of posts and my site, I work especially long hours and on weekends to make sure everything is perfect. I am my own stylist, plus I am the writer, editor, and producer of my site while my beau is usually the photographer (location scouting takes up a good amount of time especially since I am super picky about backgrounds). I do my own research for post content, create all the collages myself, and I make sure everything in every post links to the correct places. I have a manager that negotiates all collaborations, but I manage my own social media accounts.

How do you make money with the blog?

I get this question a lot. I make money from my blog by collaborations/campaigns, sponsored posts, and through affiliate programs. Sponsored posts are when brands pay to be featured within a blog post (those are noted with “Sponsored”). Affiliate programs work through some of my links. For example, if you click a link on my site and make a purchase through one of those links, I may make a commission from that purchase.

What’s your policy on working with brands?

Staying true to my readers is most important to me on my blog. I am extremely selective when it comes to deciding which brands I will collaborate and work with. I only work with brands/companies that I truly love and would use/have if I did not have a blog. In the past, many brands have reached out about collaborations (some which would have paid exceptionally well) which I had to politely decline because they would not be a true fit for The A List or my style. If I am interested in working with you or your brand, I will get back to you within 48 hours.

Do you accept gifts?

The same goes for gifts – I only accept gifted products if it’s with a brand I naturally love and would normally purchase on my own. Gifted products within blog posts are noted with (℅).

I want to start a blog. What’s your advice?

Keep writing and always post clear, colorful images. Write about whatever makes you happy and what your passions are. Why do you want to write a blog? Whatever pops into your head is your gut reason for writing, so go ahead and write, write, write! Eventually everything will just flow naturally. Do not give up and never, ever, EVER compare yourself to other bloggers! Keep going and just be you.

Are you hiring interns or assistants?

Although I could definitely use one, unfortunately at this time I am not looking for an intern or an assistant.




How old are Renly & Daenerys, and what breed of cat are they?

They were born to a stray cat around the end of April 2012 (we chose April 28 as their birth date) in Los Angeles in our friends’ shed. While they have the same mom, Renly has more Maine Coon in him and Daenerys has more Blue Abyssinian.

How tall are you, and what sizes are you?

I am 5’8″. I am usually an X-Small (sometimes a small) or a 2/4. In jeans I am a size 26. I try to note the size I am wearing in most of my blog posts.

What did you study in college?

After high school, I attended several different schools. I graduated high school a year early and moved to New York City at age 17 to attend the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts to study acting for film and television (I thought I wanted to be an actress). I also attended Brookdale College for history and anthropology, and I attended The Institute of Culinary Education in New York City.

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