Ways To Help Others During COVID-19

One question that is on a lot of our minds is: “How can I help?” During this global pandemic, one thing is for certain – it is definitely bringing us together as one big global community. We all find a need to look out for one another as well as wonder how we can help others that are greatly affected during this crisis. I’m highlighting a few ways you can help through charities, donations, and activities below:

Stay Home

This is one of the biggest things a majority of us can do to help others during this time. It’s as simple as that. Staying home has proven to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in cities and communities, and limiting our outings to simple grocery or pharmacy shopping once a week. As doctors and nurses around the world are spread thin trying to save as many lives as they can and see to as many patients as they can, we reduce how much pressure is put on them and hospitals around the world as we stay inside. If you do not work at or run an essential business and if your job allows you to work from home, please stay home.


Donate to hungry kids

With all schools closed in the US, this means students who relied on their schools for breakfast and lunch were suddenly left without meals. Children should not go hungry. In the US, 1 in 7 children lives with hunger. A majority of those children rely on public schools to feed them, and during this pandemic that has shuttered schools across the country, that means a lot of children are left in “food insecure” homes. No Kid Hungry is providing meals for kids across the US by accepting donations to send to emergency grants for nearly 80 organizations across the country, including schools, food banks, and community programs. Over $2.1 million has been raised so far, with No Kid Hungry’s goal being to provide over 800,000 meals a day. Click here to donate to No Kid Hungry.

Donate to animal charities

With shelter-in-place and stay at home orders issued around the country, particularly in my former city of Los Angeles, a lot of nonprofit organizations centered around animal rescue have had to lay off a lot of their staff or are struggling with donations during this time. One of my favorite charities is Stray Cat Alliance, who aim to build a no-kill nation and rescue a lot of felines from kill shelters as well as rescue injured or abandoned fur babies. They are accepting donations via their website, but Stray Cat Alliance also has Amazon wish lists where they list what they currently need to feed newborn rescued kittens as well as general needs. Click here to apply to be a foster.
Another animal charity I adore is The Labelle Foundation. They are in desperate need of fosters during this time due to shelters having to close, which means poor innocent animals are being put to death because the shelters are shut down. This organization rescued over 30 dogs from one shelter in Bakersfield last weekend and are looking for anyone who can foster. While a majority of us are remaining at home for the next while, why not take in a fur baby who needs some love? Click here to donate to The Labelle Foundation, click here to purchase items from their Amazon wish list, or click here to apply to be a foster.

Donate to your local hospital

If you have any gloves, masks (particularly N95 masks), or gowns on your hands that your local hospital’s doctors and nurses can use to help fight this crisis on the frontlines, please do consider donating to them.

Donate to your local women’s shelter

With shelter-in-place and stay at home quarantine orders issued, a lot of women are facing the daunting aspect of being alone at home indefinitely with a domestic abuser. With some seeking shelter and protection at women’s shelters, please consider donating clothes, shoes, and more to your local shelter. Have any extra toys on your hands? Some of these women are escaping domestic violence with their young children in tow, and shelters could use extra toys for the little ones.

There are limitless ways you can help others during this time, including acts of kindness by shopping for groceries for an elderly neighbor, making cards for local nursing homes who are unable to allow any visitors for their residents, providing local delivery men with extra hand sanitizer, snacks, and water as they continue to fulfill a large number of deliveries around the country, and even sending flowers to the home of a hospital worker to show that you’re grateful for all that they are doing during this pandemic.

And just as Cinderella once told us, have courage and be kind.

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