Going Waterless With My Hair

One of the most common questions I receive daily is “What is your secret to keeping your hair so healthy?” As someone who is continually on the go and being photographed, having healthy, gorgeous hair felt like an almost impossible feat. Of course I want my hair to look stylish, bouncy, and effortless for every photo. My hair used to only look best after being freshly washed in the shower, but when I’m on the go sometimes I just do not have time to wash my hair, put in a hair mask, air dry or blow dry, and restyle. That process can take hours, even just to achieve what looks like second day hair, and of course wastes water.

I had always been skeptical of dry shampoo, because I felt it would make my fine hair sticky and dirty instead of giving it a bit of a refresh. I had been eager to find the right one especially since physically washing my hair every single day is not exactly a good idea for my scalp and tresses. But Waterl<ss’s No Residue Dry Shampoo and Instant Moisture Dry Conditioner pairing quickly proved to me that not all dry shampoos are the same. Light and airy, Waterl<ss keeps my fresh curls nice and bouncy on day two, three, and even four, so not only am I actively keeping my hair nice and healthy, I’m also saving water in the process. This has been my first experience using a dry conditioner, which is a product I never knew my hair needed. It’s now what I credit with adding shine back into my dull, lifeless locks.


In January 2018, Waterl<ss was already in the works when Cape Town faced a huge environmental crisis that threatened 4 million people to be out of water. An entire city was just 3 months away from running out of water, so Waterl<ss was tested by those in South Africa to provide people with an option to clean their hair without having to use water. The result? Clean, healthy hair and less water consumed.

Since Waterl<ss’s dry shampoo and dry conditioner leave no residue, the travel sized versions are easy to pack in my purse to be used just before a photo shoot or after a long 16-hour flight to and from Hong Kong while the full-sized versions sit perfectly poised on my bathroom shelf for use at home. Plus, did I mention that these products smell heavenly?

Clean? Refreshing? Environmentally conscious? Smells amazing? What lovely little bonuses for my fine, tired hair!

You can get these products at Target – today!

Thanks to Waterl<ss for sponsoring this post. As always opinions are entirely my own.

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