9 Most Used Items of 2017

Can you believe we only have 3 days left until 2017 comes to a close? It’s so strange to think we will be saying (and writing) “2018” soon! As I look back on this past year, I began to think about which items I used the most in 2017. From cosmetics to bags to technology, there were quite a few things I was dependent on this past year that I will most likely be dependent on still in 2018.

Travel Necessities:

Of my 9 most used items 2017, I would have to say my noise-cancelling headphones takes the top spot. I do not fly or travel anywhere without them – whether it be on a plane or in the car. It’s how I watch The Crown or Downton Abbey on repeat on the plane or listen to music on long car rides without any interruptions. Then earlier this year, I began using my leather backpack (this was my go-to bag in Iceland) as one of my carry-on bags since it packs pretty much everything I will need right at my seat on the plane.

Beauty Necessities:

There were a few beauty products amongst the 9 most used items of 2017. Earlier in the year, I began using this night balm every single night and I haven’t stopped since. When I wake up, my skin looks so clear, smooth, hydrated, and bright that I don’t want to put anything else on it (but I do because I have to put on SPF and moisturizer). A bottle lasts me a LONG time, since a little goes a long way. You’ve also probably noticed on almost every single outfit post since the spring, I have been using this lipstick in this lip color (the color is called Perla) on repeat. It has become my signature color, and even my mini bottle has lasted me a while. Speaking of lasting a while, I also switched to a new shampoo in July that I have been using nonstop ever since. It thoroughly cleans my scalp and makes my hair feel squeaky clean, getting rid of any excess product residue. Finally, a lot of you have been asking what I have been using on my hair to get my new curls. Since June, I have been using this interchangeable curling wand to get my desired bouncy curls and I haven’t used any other curling iron since.

Fashion Necessities:

Finally, there were three fashion accessories I used the most this past year. I’ve relied on my black Stuart Weitzman boots since I first bought them in Toronto in 2015. They’re looking a bit beat up now, but they are SO comfortable and they are typically my go-to shoe whenever it’s not summer, whether it’s to the grocery store or even on the plane. I’ve also been using this Senreve bag as my go-to bag for 2017 since it’s so chic and I am obsessed with the pink color. It also stores a lot of items (I don’t carry light) and can be converted to a backpack if need be. Last but not least, my go-to sunglasses have been this pair. I had been looking for them for MONTHS and then finally found them at The Grove earlier this year.

Alyssa Campanella of The A List blog shares her 9 most used items of 2017

In all, those are my 9 most used items of 2017. I have a feeling I will be using all 9 items throughout 2018, as they each last a while and aren’t going out of style anytime. Perhaps my Bose headphones may run out of batteries, but batteries are easily replaceable. Which items did you use the most of in 2017?

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  1. The Christophe Robin scrub is truly the BEST! Loved seeing the other items you relied on this year, too!

    Posted 12.29.17 Reply
    • The A List

      It really is amazing! I have noticed such a difference in my hair!

      Posted 12.29.17 Reply
  2. Molly

    What was the new shampoo? The link did not work or the store stopped selling it. Thanks Molly

    Posted 12.30.17 Reply
  3. Danielle

    So excited to try this shampoo! Have been looking for a new one and haven’t loved anything I have tried. This type of post is the best. I always find myself enjoying the products you highlight. Happy new year!

    Posted 12.30.17 Reply
    • The A List

      I hope you like the shampoo! I love it! And I will do more posts highlighting my favorite items 🙂

      Posted 12.30.17 Reply
  4. Kaysea

    Hey Alyssa! I am totally saving up for the same bag and Bose headphones! It’s something that I want to invest in as a soon to be 19 year old (December 31). I had DM you on IG a while back about working with you but I chickened out and unsent the message. I want to create my own site someday but it would be an honor to just have the chance to learn from you. So I was wondering if you would do me a favor and email me and at least give me a chance to prove that i am worth working with. It would be a great birthday present just to hear from you. Btw Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

    Posted 12.30.17 Reply
    • The A List

      Hi Kaysea! Yes those pieces are great investments!
      And I am so flattered you want to learn from me – that’s such a huge compliment! At the moment I am not looking for an assistant or intern, but I wish you all the best with your site! I’ll definitely consider you for the future 🙂

      Posted 12.30.17 Reply
  5. Shira

    Thanks for sharing all these favorites of yours! Could you share which sunscreen you use on your face? (Of if you use a day moisturizer with SPF?) I have been looking for a new daily
    sunscreen solution. Thanks!

    Posted 12.31.17 Reply
  6. Iris

    Hi Alyssa!

    I love your hairstyling! Your curls are so perfect!! Could you do a tutorial for showing your routine with the interchangeable wand?

    Greetings from Austria!

    Posted 2.5.18 Reply