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Summer travel season is upon us, and aside from planning our favorite vacation looks and making sure to pack sandals, beach bags, and sunscreen, sometimes we can find ourselves a bit at a loss on what to wear for our flights. I went from not flying for almost 3 years to flying 20 times last year. At first, it felt like I had forgotten what to wear on the plane! But something that I did remember was that I like to be extremely comfortable on a flight, no matter if it’s under an hour or over 13 hours. I am not someone who can ever wear jeans on an airplane; I just personally find them uncomfortable when I’m flying. I’m definitely a leggings or sweatpants kind of girl.

Being in Hong Kong, most of my long flights tend to be overnights, and at least 10 hours. There’s no way I’m wearing fancy pants or a dress onboard. I might bring one along in my carry-on to change into if I need to be somewhere quickly after I arrive, but usually I try to give myself time to settle first before I start venturing anywhere. I’m also not into the idea of wearing pajamas on the plane, although that does sound really nice. My go-to airport style these days tends to consist of comfortable pull-on pants, whether that be leggings, sweatpants, or anything not with a zipper or button, a tee, and a sweater (I tend to get cold on planes even in the summer).


Let’s keep it casual and comfy, but still put together. Lately, my airport outfit involves a really comfortable pair of sweatpants. I feel like they are easily dressed “up” or “down”, and when paired with the right other pieces in your outfit, they can feel quite fashionable and less like you’ve rolled out of bed. I tend to stick to more neutral colors, which is why I like this one and this one. For a pop of color, this one is my personal favorite.


Tops / Outerwear

Along with a comfortable pair of pants, I also made sure my top is just as comfortable. In wintertime, I tend to reach for my long sleeve henley tops, such as this one, since not only are they comfortable but they also stick close to my skin and keep in some warmth. But in summertime, I switch to a ribbed short sleeve top. I don’t like wearing anything low cut when I am traveling, so I adore the crew neck on this top. As a top layer, I will add a sweatshirt (this one is my favorite) while on the plane or a maxi cardigan (such as this one or this one), regardless if it’s winter or summer. For those extra cold travel months, I will add a statement maxi coat over my outfit (this one was my go-to this past winter) or a bomber jacket (I wore this one on repeat this year).



Sneakers. Always sneakers. I rarely wear anything else on my feet when I am traveling. If I am going to be walking numerous meters through the airport, both before I depart and after I arrive, especially if a long walk to customs is involved, I want to be wearing something comfortable or else my plantar fasciitis is going to have some choice words with me. I love a good chunky sneaker, like this one and this one, because it’s fun but still keeps my feet happy. If I am traveling with little bean, however, there’s no question that I need a slip-on sneaker. Although very pricey, these shoes are my go-to slip on sneakers because not only are they soft on my feet, but they also pretty much go with anything I wear when I travel (these similar affordable ones are also comfortable – I have a version in plain white).


What’s your go-to airport style?

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