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It’s been nearly 3 months since Bridgerton first premiered on Netflix, and it’s been nearly 3 months since we have not stopped talking about the story, the diversity, the characters, the costumes, the glamorous balls, and the identity of Lady Whistledown. This show was exactly what most of us needed during this pandemic. Luckily we’ll be getting more of everything because it’s officially been green lit for a second season. But until then, I’ll be letting Bridgerton influence my wardrobe so I can pretend I’m out and about during the London season.

There were so many aspects of Bridgerton that we loved, with the costumes making us swoon (along with the handsome Duke of Hastings). While we don’t dress that way anymore, although personally I don’t think I could remain in a corset all day long, the style is still an inspiration today. With elegant patterns and modest silhouettes, it’s possible to feel like you’re on the set of Bridgerton this spring and summer. Below I’m sharing some beautiful pieces that are very Bridgerton-like, as well as sharing who my favorite character is. I bet you can guess though…

Bridgerton Look

When it comes to dresses from this era (known as the Regency era due to the Prince of Wales ruling via regency while his father King George III was unwell), it was all about slightly puffed sleeves, straight necklines, and empire waists. There’s no denying that this style oozes romance and feminism, especially when lace, floral patterns, and jewels are added to the look. There’s no question that Daphne Bridgerton has a very enviable wardrobe, but it’s my favorite character’s wardrobe I looked forward to most – the Queen. Every time Queen Charlotte was on the screen, I dropped everything to watch her as well as sigh at her marvelous costumes and wigs. The Queen was my favorite character for many reasons, especially for her no-nonsense, commanding regal presence, but I loved how she tried to compete with Lady Whistledown despite not knowing her identity. And while I swoon at her wardrobe and laugh at her perfect comedic timing, the one scene she shares with her mentally ill husband really tore at my heartstrings (I cried) and revealed so much more about her on a deeper, personal level.

The Queen’s wardrobe is all about bright colors, which couldn’t be more appropriate for spring as we emerge from a bit of a dreary winter. I’ve had my eye on this dress for some time, and I’d like to believe a modern day Queen Charlotte would be seen in something like this as well at an evening event. I could also picture her in this bold dress sitting in her living room having afternoon tea.

One of my favorite looks on Daphne Bridgerton was her blue gown at the final ball of the season. I found a similar one here that’s just begging to be twirled in. This dress reminds me of the very first scene we are introduced to her as she is presented to Queen Charlotte. And finally, this dress feels like something she would wear while at home after her marriage (I actually own this dress but it’s currently in storage back in Los Angeles). Then of course there’s always the dress I’m wearing in this post – I feel like Daphne would definitely wear this dress while on a promenade with the Duke.

Another character with a very popular wardrobe was Penelope Featherington. The Featherington family dresses head to toe in bold, stand-out patterns and colors, which is why this dress and this dress both scream “Penelope.”

What was your favorite outfit in Bridgerton? Did you have a favorite character?

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