How I Plan My Outfits On Our Travels

One of the most popular questions I get asked all the time is: “How do you plan your outfits for your travels?” The answer to that question is one reason why I love being both a style and travel blogger. I plan my outfits around my travels in a way that highlights both the location and the outfit. Getting to do that is one of my favorite things, not only because it is fun but it also forces my creative side to really think and step outside of the box.

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First, it all begins with a desire to travel, which is pretty much always there 24/7. Once we have settled on a destination, I begin to plan out where we will stay, what activities we will do, etc. to create a basic itinerary (or in some cases such as our upcoming Finland trip, we are guests of the government tourism board and they create itineraries for us). Once I have that basic itinerary, I begin to do A LOT of research.

The first thing I research is the hotel. I will go online to the hotel’s website and look at photos (especially of our room), followed by a little Instagram searching. I get a vibe of the hotel’s architecture, colors, and environment by seeing what others post about the spot as well (or what the hotel posts to their own accounts). I look at the hotel’s actual Instagram account (if they have one), and then look at the posts from the hotel’s tagged location. I also begin searching for tagged posts in the city the hotel is located, as well as any activities we may have planned. The more I Instagram stalk, the better I am at being able to plan my outfits.

Next comes Google and Pinterest. At this point, I have a general understanding of what kind of colors I am going to want to base my looks on. For example, in Mexico our hotel had a lot of beiges, creams, and blues, so I wanted to really pop with reds, oranges, and yellows. A majority of Iceland had either earth tones or snow, so I flipped them. I focused on earthy tones in the snow and snowy tones in the barren landscapes. I begin to get a good idea of a location even more through Google Images, and then it comes time to really begin to brainstorm my looks through Pinterest. Pinterest is an image search engine, so it’s the best place for me to research subjects such as: “Statement winter coat” or “snow style” or “patterned summer dresses”. After I get some ideas as to how I want to style my looks, it’s time to rummage through my closet or start shopping (sometimes I have campaigns or sponsored posts with brands during our travels and so I will wear what they send me for that).

The trip that my husband really noticed how much I was researching for my outfits was Mexico. I really wanted to take advantage of vibrant colors that I had not really gotten away with before, and I knew Mexico would be the perfect spot to show off not only the outfits, but the destination as well. Iceland also had a lot of research put into it, but I think the best is yet to come with Finland – I am really excited about these winter looks I will be styling for you all while set within the Scandinavian country.

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