Spring Wedding Attire

Here comes the bride and her fabulously dressed guests! Spring and summer are the most popular times of the year for weddings, and if you think it can be difficult for the bride to choose what she is going to wear, it can also be difficult for the guests.

As someone who has gotten married in the spring, I can’t tell you how many of my guests texted or called me asking what they should wear. There’s white tie, black tie, cocktail, casual, etc. My wedding invitation labeled cocktail attire, but some like to double check what that means. I find that really touching and being super respectful to the bride and groom, since you never know what colors or even styles are out of the question. Case and point, for me all of my friends and family knew they could wear whatever they want except no jeans (obviously), no white (that color was reserved for my bridesmaids and myself), and preferably nothing that showed too much cleavage (keep it classy, people!).

You cannot go wrong with wearing lace to a wedding. It’s one of my favorite and go-to fabrics to wear to spring weddings (or any wedding, really!). Lace is so feminine and also can make any dress appear fancier. It’s also a classic staple. I am completely loving this lace dress, this one, and this one for a black tie wedding. While some may think lace might be too fancy, being overdressed for a wedding is better than being underdressed. Plus, I love any excuse to get fancy and dolled up, and a wedding is a perfect excuse. I’ve shared some of my favorite lace dresses below at the end of this post.

For some, getting married means it will happen in a house of worship, so as a guest it is extremely respectful to make sure you bring something that covers your shoulders even if you don’t practice the religion yourself. To be safe, always bring a cardigan. It’ll also be helpful later if the reception is outside and it starts to get a bit chilly.

I might be biased because my wedding date was in April, but spring weddings are probably my favorite. It’s that time of year when flowers start to blossom and thus that makes perfect backdrops for such a special occasion. I can’t wait to attend some of my friends’ weddings this year. I plan on dancing the night away!

Photos by Torrance Coombs.

Some of my wedding guest dress favorites:

My look:

ASOS dress (similar here in grey and here in pink), Banana Republic cardigan (similar here), Manolo Blahnik pumps, Chanel bag, Cara hair bow, Sisley Paris 1 perfume

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