The Last Days of Summer

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Is it just me, or did summer truly fly by this year? It feels like just last week we were welcoming spring,  but now we are 3 weeks away from officially entering the autumn season. These days, it really has felt like autumn is around the corner. That’s not something I was saying this time last year in Hong Kong, since it usually remains hot and humid here until we are midway through the autumn season. But for some reason, this year feels different. I keep mentioning several times a day that it feels like summer is ending. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve been cooking dishes with herbs that remind me of the holiday season, or if it’s because I am already preparing for fall fashion, but autumn is in the air and it means these are the last days of summer.

I wish I could better describe the feeling I have inside about autumn. I find myself thinking a lot about autumn in New York, which happens to be my favorite place on earth to live out the season. If I close my eyes, I can feel the warm sun on my face as I wander through farmer’s markets that smell of hot apple cider, pumpkin pies, and salted caramel hot chocolate. On these last few days of August, I am finishing up all my floral scented candles before I replace them with woody scents, and I am about to switch out my summer wardrobe for my autumn wardrobe. Some pieces from summer will carry me through autumn, like this top and these pants.

Outfit Details

Sézane top and pants c/o // Staud heels // Bottega Veneta bag

Sézane’s latest collection launched today, and this collection boasts of color and eye-catching hues as we enjoy these last days of summer before autumn officially arrives. The collection is also a great transition to autumn, featuring skirts that’s swirl around knee high boots and sweaters to provide style and warmth as the first cool temperatures sweep in. I have my eyes on a few pieces, and hilariously enough they’re all mostly sweaters and coats despite the fact that I live closer to the equator than I did in Los Angeles or New York. Sézane is my preferred place to shop for sweaters each year, since they are extremely comfortable and last years. I typically order a size or two larger than usual since I prefer all my sweaters to be oversized.

I am sharing some of the pieces that I have my eye on. First things first, we NEED to discuss the watercolor hues in this jumper and skirt. It’s the perfect duo for the last days of summer. Next thing on my list is this coat because I am obsessed with that green color! Red hair + green wardrobe = perfect combination, something I have missed since my last days as a redhead. I also love these blue boots, especially since I’ve always wanted denim colored boots. Speaking of blue shoes, I’m very much obsessed with these sneakers. I love Sézane’s sneakers, and these look perfect for life in Hong Kong as well as running through the airport (once international travel goes back to normal).

Keeping the blue love going, I also love this bucket bag mostly because I love this shade of blue. This jumper is pretty much screaming my name since it is also screaming “hygge”. I am in love with this floral jacket, since I could picture a crisp white dress and knee high heeled boots underneath. I’m currently searching for a new striped sweater, and I should have known Sézane would have just the one I was looking for in this jumper. I’d love to go walking on the beach wearing it as the weather gets cooler. Last but not least, I love waist belts and so I currently have my eye on this belt since it would go with everything I already own.

What are some of your favorite pieces from Sézane’s latest collection?

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