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Pregnancy is quite an interesting journey, but so is postpartum. My journey into motherhood began even before the moment I first saw a faint line on my pregnancy test one year ago, and that journey has continued to evolved even beyond the days of my daughter’s birth day. My pregnancy wasn’t entirely easy; I faced a multitude of hiccups along the way, but my daughter was always the picture of health which was of course my primary concern. The birth didn’t go according to “plan”, and my postpartum experience was rough rocked by severe infections that caused me to spend 9 days in the hospital away from my baby. On top of that, the beau’s job requires him to be away from home 85% of the month, leaving me with baby bean, two dogs, the house, and my business all on my own. But even without all that, even if everything had gone smoothly, postpartum is NOT easy on our bodies or our emotions (hello, hormones!).

So it should come as little to no surprise that when I was invited to Rosewood Hong Kong‘s Asaya Wellness for a little new mom treatment, I was strongly encouraged to take a little break and focus on me and my self care. Asaya Wellness recently partnered with Restoring Mums, offering new moms their famous slimum®️ treatment. Designed to help mom’s new post-baby body adjust to physical, mental, and emotional changes, slimum®️ for Asaya treatment is the perfect package for new moms looking for a little pampering time that also benefits their health. For the ultimate retreat, you can also book a few nights in an Asaya lodge suite for your slimum®️ for Asaya treatment, spending a night or two in a romantic oasis right in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. This is what I did, and after a tearful goodbye with baby bean (she’d be spending the next two nights bonding with the beau), I departed for the Rosewood.

Since I was a guest at the Asaya wellness lodges, my check-in process happened on the 6th floor in the lobby of Asaya Wellness. I was greeted with a delicious, warm glass mug of Genmai Cha tea (which quickly became my favorite), and that quickly set the peaceful mood for my relaxing retreat. I was then escorted to one of Asaya’s two lodges, settling in Camelia just upstairs from the Tranquility Lounge. Set amongst gorgeous greenery and elegant vines dancing up the sides, my one-bedroom suite in the lodge felt like I was transported to a tropical jungle instead of being in the heart of a large city. Despite being right next to busy Salisbury Road, you couldn’t hear a single thing outside of the suite. It was truly full of peace and quiet.

The bonus of getting to stay in an Asaya lodge suite for your treatment means your therapists come to you, as there is a private treatment room attached to the suite with its own private door for the therapists to quickly and quietly come and go without disturbing you in your room. For a new mom who just wants to relax, this is exactly what Asaya Wellness wants you to feel and experience. At the same time, Asaya Wellness is more than happy to accommodate your little one as well should you choose to bring them along. Had I chosen to bring baby bean, Rosewood and Asaya were more than happy to bring a baby crib, bottle warmers, and a baby bathtub to my lodge. Perhaps I will bring her next time!



After indulging in some delicious afternoon tea at the Manor Club on the 40th floor, it was time for my first of three slimum®️ for Asaya treatments. The slimum®️ for Asaya treatment consists of three experiences in one – an abdominal masque, a 60-minute massage, and Restoring Mums’ signature treatment of abdominal binding. This treatment is safe to perform on those who are 3 weeks postpartum if they’ve had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, and after 9 weeks for anyone who has had a C-section (I fell into this category). After quietly coming in and setting up for my treatment, my therapist welcomed me into my private treatment room in my suite. After the initial pleasantries and discussions about how I was feeling and what I prefer with my treatments, it was time to begin.

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SLIMUM®️ for ASAYA Treatment Part I

First up was a bit of sound therapy to help me relax and soothe my mind before the treatment began.

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SLIMUM®️ for ASAYA Treatment Part II

Next was a warming jamu herbal mud masque, applied directly to my abdomen. My therapist informed me that the jamu herbal mud would be good for detoxing my digestive system as well as my uterus, and would help improve circulation in that area. As I was now 13.5 weeks postpartum at the time of my treatment, I was no longer experiencing lochia but this masque aims to help rid of what is left for those who are enjoying this treatment closer to the time they gave birth.

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SLIMUM®️ for ASAYA Treatment Part III

After the masque was applied, I flipped over onto my tummy to enjoy a much needed 60-minute full body massage. With light to medium pressure, I could feel my postpartum tension melting a bit thanks to the warming jamu herbal oil my therapist used to ease out knots and encourage my body to relax. Although I am no longer breastfeeding (the reason why is explained here), my shoulders and back are still tense from the experience as well as thanks to the roller coaster of sizes my breasts went through in such a short time. The full body massage focused a lot on my shoulders and lower back, where I’ve held the most tension due to stress, lack of sleep, and breastfeeding.

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SLIMUM®️ for ASAYA Treatment Part IV

The 90-minute slimum®️ for Asaya treatment concludes with abdominal binding, which is Restoring Mums’ signature treatment. After you give birth, your body is essentially a new body. It has been through so many changes. It looks different. It feels different. This part of the treatment is meant to help restore your body and its new shape post-baby by wrapping organic linen around your hips and abdomen to encourage hips, waist, and organs to slowly return to their pre-pregnancy position.

Nurturing your new body and your womb after it grew and birthed a baby is essential, especially in Southeast Asia. This abdominal binding experience with organic linen helps restore abdominal muscles that may have separated during pregnancy (diastasis recti), helps bring the hips back in to their normal position after widening during pregnancy, and helps aid in bringing in the waist by encouraging organs to move back to their pre-pregnancy position. This painless experience involves organic linen being tightly but comfortably wrapped around your body. It is worn for 6-8 hours after it is applied (so make sure to have baggy, comfortable clothes on afterwards such as maternity leggings and an oversize shirt or sweater, or a flowing dress), and you can eat anytime before, during, and after the binding.

After my first treatment, I got ready for a special date night with the beau, who would join me for some delicious Italian cuisine harbourside at Bluhouse. It’s a good thing you’re allowed to eat when you have the binding on, which I did have on under my dress, because I ate so much pizza, pasta, and cheese! You must order the sea bass especially if you’re on a romantic date, because it’s enough for 2 people. I also enjoyed my first glass of wine in 14 months at dinner, although I felt super tipsy after just a few sips because it’s been a while! I was so full after dinner that we didn’t order any dessert, which was a shame since I do love gelato.

I kissed the beau goodbye as he went home to spend the night with baby bean, and I returned to my Asaya lodge to indulge in some hot tea in my pajamas in bed with a book. As a new mom, I don’t really get much time to myself especially at home, so I tried to really enjoy these moments and take full advantage. Staying in the Asaya lodges is supposed to influence you to disconnect, so that’s what I did. I did not turn on the TV. I did not browse on my computer or phone. Instead, I had the lights on low, sipped my genmai cha tea, and read a book. By 10:30 pm, I was ready for a night of uninterrupted sleep and so it was lights out after a wonderful day.

As I was staying in a suite at the Asaya lodge, I was given access to the Manor Club which is probably my favorite executive club in any hotel. The decor truly makes it feel like home, and the food is absolutely incredible! The entire club, including the bar, overlooks Hong Kong and Victoria Harbour. There is not one bad view from the 40th floor spot, even on cloudy, rainy mornings. As such, this meant my breakfast was included and could be enjoyed at the Manor Club. Yes please!

After indulging in some pancakes, eggs, and breakfast tea, I made my way back to my suite to change into my workout gear for a little yoga and meditation in the small yard at the Social House, conveniently located across from my suite. The skies were grey, but that wasn’t going to stop me from enjoying outdoor time. After some yoga, I donned a swimsuit and took a plunge in the Social House’s pool for a refreshing dip, along with some time in the steam room (which recently reopened citywide!).


Lunch at Asaya Kitchen

After a relaxing morning, it was time for a light lunch before my second treatment. Asaya Kitchen is one of my favorite spots for lunch in the city. The views of nature or of the city are both calming, but the food and drinks are always extremely refreshing and carefully thought out. Once again, it’s a good thing that you can eat before, during, and after the binding because the food at Asaya Kitchen is just so mouthwateringly delicious. We dined on a customized set menu of Mediterranean dishes featuring burrata, trout, and bergamot ice cream while sipping from fresh coconuts and green juices.

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After lunch, it was time for my second slimum®️ for Asaya treatment. At 2 pm, my therapist for the day quietly entered my private treatment room in the suite, and she began the same treatments as the day before – sound therapy, a jamu mud masque on my abdomen, a 60-minute full body massage with jamu herbal oil plus abdominal massage, and my organic linen binding treatment. After my second treatment concluded, I was already feeling extremely relaxed and was truly enjoying my experience. I felt like I was really taking time to take care of me – both of my body and my soul.

With the beau at home spending time bonding with baby bean, I decided to meet up with a dear friend whom I hadn’t seen since before my pregnancy. It was my first time going out to meet with a friend since welcoming baby bean, and it felt great to be social again especially after everything I had been through with my health postpartum. We dined at a nearby pasta bar, indulging in truffle pasta and cacio e pepe before I returned to my Asaya suite to draw a calming bath.


Breakfast at Manor Club

Part of the perks of staying in the Asaya lodge suites means you have access to the Manor Club for afternoon tea, happy hour at their exclusive bar, and a hearty breakfast – all while overlooking the entirety of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong’s inconic skyline. The Manor Club’s breakfasts are exceptional, with both buffet and order service available. Both Western and local cuisines are available, so of course I enjoyed ordering some fluffy pancakes, custom scrambled eggs, and har gow. I also didn’t care in the slightest that it was drizzling outside – I took my cup of tea and stepped out onto the terrace for fresh air while enjoying a stunning view of Hong Kong.

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After breakfast, it was time for my third and final slimum®️ for Asaya treatment. After two sessions, I was already feeling strength rebuilding in my abdomen, particularly my lower abdomen. I was feeling incredibly supported especially in my hips even without the binding on, and this was only after two sessions. This is also 9 weeks after my emergency C-section, so it has felt great helping my body adjust to its new changes after baby. While I was looking forward to heading home to see my baby bean and beau, it was a bit hard to leave the Rosewood and Asaya Wellness.

Prioritizing my self care for those two days completely changed how I felt. I felt like a different person leaving the Rosewood. As soon as I returned home, the beau had to report to work and fly to North America for the week, leaving me and baby bean home alone together. But after my time at Asaya Wellness with Restoring Mums, I felt like a much more present, positive mother to baby bean. I felt rejuvenated, almost as if I had a bit of a mom reboot.

If you’re expecting, or recently gave birth, or if you know someone who is expecting and are thinking of a gift that a new mom will definitely appreciate, look no further than slimum®️ for Asaya at the Rosewood. You can either purchase a day treat or if you really want to splurge for a little mom’s retreat, consider staying at the Asaya lodge for a night or two. If you want to bring your little one for the night, the Rosewood is happy to accommodate anything your little one needs from a baby cot for sleeping to bottle warmers. It’s the ultimate retreat for new moms and truly encourages you to prioritize your self care. You just grew and birthed a whole human from your body – it’s important to take time for you when you can. The slimum®️ for Asaya treatment is not just good for your body, but for your mind and soul as well. I really enjoyed my experience, and although I don’t currently have plans to add a second baby bean to my family, if I did then I know I’d be immediately booking this treatment again.


Thank you to the Rosewood Hong Kong, Asaya Wellness, and Restoring Mums for partnering with me on this post. Although I was a guest of the Rosewood Hong Kong, all opinions are entirely my own.

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