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As of January 27, 2021, Finland’s borders are closed to foreign visitors due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic except for Finnish nationals and residents of the following countries: the Vatican, Australia, Rwanda, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand and South Korea. A negative COVID-19 test is required prior to arrival. Take note of any border restrictions in your home country for your return prior to any travel. Please note that this blog post serves as a reference for travel later in the future. Nonessential travel is not recommended at this time.

There was one thing that needed to happen for sure on our trip to Finland – a stay in a romantic glass igloo! You’ve probably seen countless photos on social media by now of those stunning glass igloos tucked away in the snow, yearning for you to book a visit and experience staying in one for yourself. It’s an experience that’s worth it all, and it’s an even better experience if you tag along someone who would love it just as much as you. Tor left a lot of the Finland planning to me, since he’s pretty much game to try anything and visit any place. When initially planning this Finland trip last summer, there was one thing I researched for: a romantic glass igloo in Lapland.

Levin Iglut ticks every box for the ultimate glass igloo experience in Finland. After our winter wonderland-filled road trip up from Rovaniemi, we pulled up to Levin Iglut which is situated on top of a fell and overlooks the entire valley (from a great height, I might add). It was snowing when we arrived, making the glass igloos sporadically placed amongst the trees even more magical. One of the highlights of our arrival was having to place all of our luggage on sleds and ride them over to our igloo, which was situated at the very end of the pathway.

About Levin Iglut

A proud family business in Levi, Finland, Levin Iglut boasts 27 beautiful glass igloos underneath the picturesque Finnish sky, giving you a warm, comfortable, and romantic front row view of the Northern Lights. Only open from September to April, it is the best spot for a unique experience surrounded by breathtaking snow.

Originally started with just 4 igloos in 2008, it is now one of the most famous spots in Lapland providing scenic views of the valley and close to prime ski spots and reindeer tours.

Just a 15 minute drive from Kittilä Airport, it’s easy to reach Levin Iglut from Helsinki with a flight less than 90 minutes on Finnair. You can also fly into Rovaniemi from Helsinki and then drive 2 hours north towards Levi, which is exactly what we did. Levin Iglut is the perfect spot for a quick getaway, so if you have time after exploring Helsinki, hop on a plane and come indulge in a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Our Glass Igloo

Our glass igloo was extremely cozy and inviting from the minute we walked in. The view of the snowy landscape around you is the first thing you see as soon as you open the door, so you’ll never forget where you are and what you are overlooking. With the bed in the center of the room, it invites you to lie back, relax, and watch the snowflakes twirl and swirl around outside. And for those who are wondering if the igloo is equipped with a bathroom, the answer is yes! There are some igloos in Finland where the igloo just houses the bed and you have to trek (in minus 0 temperatures and snow) to a common bathhouse to shower or even use the restroom. Not here! Not only did our igloo have a fully functioning bathroom, it also had a very cute kitchenette so if we wanted to grab groceries from the nearby village and cook our own food, we could!

Alyssa Campanella of The A List blog visits the romantic glass igloo at Levin Iglut in Levi, Finland

Dining at Levin Iglut

Despite having a kitchenette in our igloo, we were very content with dining at Levin Iglut’s amazing restaurant Restaurant Utsu instead, which has a second floor completely surrounded by unobstructed glass. Your dining chairs also tilt back so you can watch the Northern Lights while eating. Talk about dinner and show as you dine on delicacies such as Arctic char and mushroom soup!

Restaurant Utsu is also home to where breakfast is served each morning (breakfast is included in your room rate). Breakfast is a delicious buffet of dishes from around the world, including eggs, sweets, and pastries.

Alyssa Campanella of The A List blog visits the romantic glass igloo at Levin Iglut in Levi, Finland

What we loved about these igloos was its close proximity to amazing winter activities (such as skiing, which I talk about here), a bustling village, and an airport that can fly you to and from Helsinki via Finnair. Yet it still made you feel like you were far away from civilization. Despite each igloo being sold out on our visit, we only ever saw other guests at dinnertime. We really felt like we had the place to ourselves. After not even being there an hour, Tor and I mentioned that this was the perfect place to bring friends for a few days.

As soon as we said that, the oh-so-sweet Kristiina (her family owns Levin Iglut) promptly showed us their Northern Lights House, which is a 2 bedroom guesthouse that has its own sauna and jacuzzi, and that can be booked for travelers traveling with friends. She was then kind enough to set us up with an afternoon alone at the house where we jumped from the sauna to the snow to the jacuzzi to the snow to back to the sauna. PS did you know that the word “sauna” is a Finnish word?

At the end of the day, we didn’t want to leave these comfortable igloos. While we didn’t get to see the Northern Lights on our trip, we did have one night where the clouds cleared completely and the stars came out to play. To sleep under the stars surrounded by snow was an amazing experience in our comfortably heated little igloo. If you are traveling to Finland, make sure a stay at Levin Inglut is on your list!

Thank you to Levin Iglut for partnering with us on this post and for hosting our stay. Although we were guests of Levin Iglut, all opinions and thoughts are my own.
Photos by Torrance Coombs and myself.

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  1. Marion

    This is amazing and the photos are incredible! Did you film a blog during your stay there? x

    • The A List

      Yes! It’s coming soon 🙂

  2. Kristine

    So pretty 😊 How do they heat the igloos?

    • The A List

      There’s a heating system inside! And the glass is heated too to help melt the snow off so you can see the sky.

  3. Ariana

    Looks like perfection! I would never want to leave !!

    • The A List

      I didn’t want to leave!

  4. Mansi

    Amazing shots! Igloo-stay in Finland has been on my bucket list for a long time now. Hope to make a reservation at Levin Inglut soon.

    • The A List

      Thank you! And yes you need to visit Levin Iglut! The igloos and staff are amazing!