Ultimate Staycation at Rosewood Hong Kong

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When it comes to travel, sometimes the whole family comes along and in some cases, the whole family includes your canine or feline companion(s). If there’s anything you all already know about me, it’s about how much I love to travel and those travels are even better with animals. With my visit to Hong Kong, I was super excited to bring along a furry friend for my stay at Rosewood Hong Kong and their newest residences. The Rosewood Hong Kong proved to be one of the loveliest home away from homes you could possibly imagine in the heart of downtown Hong Kong. On social media, Rosewood Hong Kong has been very happy to highlight their pet friendly stays so when it came to my own visit, I couldn’t have been more excited to bring along a furry friend I have gotten to know over the last month while here in Hong Kong with his dad.

Prior to my arrival, they enquired about my furry friend’s name and any special requests for him. I was eager to let them know that my special guest’s name is Argos and that he is an adorably sweet, almost 9-year old Italian Greyhound (his birthday is next month!). We took a taxi from just outside downtown to arrive at Rosewood Hong Kong, where we were greeted with the upmost enthusiasm. From the moment Argos emerged from the taxi, he was adored and loved by all the staff at Rosewood Hong Kong who were super eager to greet him. Since I had given his name prior to our arrival, the staff were aware of his name already. “This must be Argos!” For a pup who loves adoration and attention, Argos was in his element with everyone wanting to say hello.



Since we were eager to get Argos settled, we were escorted to our suite which was located within Rosewood Hong Kong’s luxurious residences. The residences have their own private elevators that zip you up to the 53rd floor, where you immediately step foot into Club 53. Overlooking the west side of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, this private lobby/sitting room is the perfect spot to cozy up and watch the sunset over snacks and drinks. Past Club 53 is the large fitness center and the private residences pool (which was not open during our visit due to it being refilled so we used the main hotel pool to take photos). We were then escorted to a separate lobby of another elevator, which brought us to our own private floor on floor 47 (the hotel boasts 49 elevators!). Our one-bedroom suite had it’s own elevator lobby before you enter the large door to our home away from home.

Dressed in neutral, cool hues and reflective surfaces, the true highlight of our suite was the view. Facing southward towards Hong Kong Island, we had an unobstructed view of towering skyscrapers and tree-covered mountains across Victoria Harbour. Our sofa faced the view, not a television or wall, since there’s no need to look at anything else except what our eyes could see before us. Our suite included a full kitchen, which was stocked with pots, pans, dishes, flatware, and cookware. Although to the honest, the food at Rosewood Hong Kong’s restaurants and room service are so delicious, I doubt I’d want to cook anything myself.

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Our Suite

And speaking of room service, you guessed it. Feline and canine visitors have their own section in the room service menu, with the chefs whipping up fresh plates of grains, rice, salmon, eggs, chicken, and beef for their special four-legged guests. Since Argos is on a special diet, it was wonderful to see how well the hotel takes pets’ diets into consideration when they planned their menu. Argos ate like a king for every meal during our stay, and I’m pretty sure he’s not so thrilled to be enduring our simple cooking back at home again.

Rosewood Hong Kong provided Argos with his own large comfy bed, although he very much preferred our heaven-on-earth, soft king sized bed in the master bedroom. The hotel also provided a bag full of extra pee pads (there’s a garden in front of the hotel for outdoor “business” if you want to take your fur baby outside instead), tennis balls, water bottles suitable for day excursions, and two new squeaky toys that Argos is currently squeaking in my face as I write this blog post.

Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella of The A List blog visits Rosewood Hong Kong residences in Tsim Sha Tsui

Dining at Rosewood Hong Kong

Beyond the suite, Rosewood Hong Kong has many activities and restaurants to choose from. I’ll be highlighting their classy afternoon tea in the Butterfly Room in a separate post, but as it was my first afternoon tea experience in Hong Kong, I will say it has set the bar very high. Right next to the Butterfly Room is the contemporary Holt’s Cafe, which offers dishes both western and Chinese. While I have been in Hong Kong for over a month now, I find myself not craving western cuisine as much as I thought I would. I find myself ordering Chinese dishes often, with Rosewood Hong Kong boasting the best dim dum I’ve eaten in all of Hong Kong so far. You must try their shrimp dumplings! I am drooling now at the thought of them.

The signature restaurant at Rosewood Hong Kong is their Legacy House, which is located on the 5th floor overlooking Victoria Harbour. Sometimes when I stay at hotels abroad, I like to dine beyond the hotel to showcase more of the hotel’s location. However, I had heard raving reviews about Legacy House as well as seen mouth-watering images on Rosewood Hong Kong’s instagram that I knew we had to eat there for dinner. With a prime viewing spot for Hong Kong’s nightly laser show at 8 pm, we feasted on dim sum, double boiled chicken soup, wok-fried wagyu beef, crispy chicken (the best I’ve had in all of Hong Kong!), and shrimp & egg fried rice (the dish normally has pork, but when I informed the chef I do not eat pork/ham/bacon, they quickly whipped up a pork-free version of their fried rice). Reservations in advance are highly recommended, since it is quite popular and there are only a certain number of tables.

Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella of The A List blog visits Rosewood Hong Kong residences in Tsim Sha Tsui at The Legacy House

Rosewood’s Hidden Gem

Down the same corridor as Legacy House, there’s a brand new hidden gem hidden behind a secret door that opens only if you know the correct passcode to get in. Rosewood Hong Kong is proudly opening a chic ladies-only bar appropriately named XX. Overlooking the harbour with a menu full of high-end drinks and delicious tapas, XX is a great spot I would love to bring my lady friends to. With cozy couches and a full bar lit up like a glass castle in the night, I almost missed my dinner date at Legacy House since I didn’t want to leave the elegant atmosphere.

As of September 2022, XX has closed and is now known as Darkside Bar.

Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella of The A List blog visits Rosewood Hong Kong residences in Tsim Sha Tsui at XX bar

At the end of the night, I couldn’t have been more eager to get back to little Argos awaiting us in our suite. The staff at Rosewood Hong Kong Residences approached us outside the elevators upon our return to let us know they checked in on little Argos and enjoyed some playtime with him, which made me so happy to know he was spoiled rotten while we were out for a few hours. Of course he was stoked to see us when we came back, but to know that the staff treat their four-legged guests as any other guest with a little extra attention made me feel so warm and comforted. I’m the type of person who says goodbye to their cats when I go to the grocery store for 10 minutes, so to know that the staff kept a watchful eye on Argos while we were out and about left me one less thing to worry about.

My experience with Rosewood Hong Kong was an exceptional one, but something tells me if Argos could leave his own review he would also sing Rosewood Hong Kong’s praises. Rosewood properties are known for their luxury stays and elegantly designed hotels, however it’s their staff’s attention to detail that soars above everything else. Fine furniture and luxury rooms are one thing, but being made to feel as if you are at home is key whenever you’re traveling for a weekend or a month. Saying goodbye to Rosewood Hong Kong was hard, but since I will be back to Hong Kong often, something tells me Argos and I will be calling the Rosewood our home away from home again soon in the future.

Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella of The A List blog visits Rosewood Hong Kong residences in Tsim Sha Tsui

Thanks to the Rosewood Hong Kong & Rosewood Hong Kong Residences for hosting our stay. Although we were guests of Rosewood, as always opinions are my own.

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