Why I’ve Stopped Calling Myself A “Blogger”

It’s time to get a bit personal on the site and share with you some thoughts I have about my progression in my career and where I’d like to see it go. You probably caught one look at the blog title and immediately wondered, “Huh?” This is a topic I’ve been wanting to discuss with you for some time, but I wanted to make sure I was able to address it in the way that I truly wanted to. Keep reading to find out why I’ve stopped calling myself a “blogger”.

There are different kinds of writers out there, and thanks to the now infinite world wide web, we are able to become whatever writers we truly want to be, whether it be a columnist, a poet, an editor, or a blogger. First let me say that this post is in no way a dis or meant to shame bloggers. On the contrary, it’s to highlight how I have evolved from a blogger to what I am now: a content creator. When I first started blogging back in 2014, it began as a way for me to document and play with my fashion while we spent 3 years in Canada as my husband filmed for his television show. I had left my modeling agency back in Los Angeles to join him, and I wanted to continue to do something related to the fashion industry. Thus, a blog was born. I share the story of how I began blogging here.

Over the last year, something really sparked within me and it began to take up a majority of my daydreams. I would toss and turn at night (in a good way, I promise), coming up with new ideas on what to feature on my website. It dawned on me that my website was continuing to evolve, and I needed to evolve along with it. My biggest passion is my job. And while many would probably not consider running a style and travel website to necessarily be a full time “job” (I’ll get into that in another post), I am always creating and envisioning projects in my head and how I want to produce them.

So what is a content creator? The definition varies based on the person, but for me I like to consider it being a storyteller. I’ve stopped posting simple outfit posts because they weren’t bringing me as much joy as I thought. I wanted my posts to have meaning. I wanted readers to not only be excited about what I was wearing, but what I had to say as well. That drive then began to translate into our travels. I didn’t want to just recap our trips with a simple list of everything we had done. I wanted each and every destination to serve a purpose and to tell a story.

I dedicate a lot of time into each of my posts on my website and even on social media. Every minor detail is thought of and put into consideration, since it completes the entire image. Backgrounds are very important, especially when traveling. One thing I have the most fun doing is coming up with a look that not only brings out the best in style, but also ties in with the destination or background. Everything – from the shoes, to the lip color, to the angles, to the backdrop – are thought out and planned in advance to culminate and come together as one breathtaking story.

With that said, what inspired me to begin to evolve my website and how I style everything? To be honest, I hit a bit of a writer’s block mid last year where I still loved working with fashion and travel but felt I wasn’t quite inspiring myself as much as I wanted. I began to think back on the days where as a little girl, I would steal my mom’s high end fashion magazines and excitedly flip through the pages towards the editorial features in the back. In those images, you’d see some of the most expressive fashion and outfits flanked by breathtaking backdrops, lighting, and angles. Each editorial would tell a story, and without fail I would always begin to daydream and feel inspired by each one. That’s the inspiration I am having again when it comes to my site, and that’s the same kind of feeling I hope to bring out in each and every one of you.

So I am continuing to create content that inspires me and I hope inspires you, too. I am taking my time with each and every content creation to make sure every single post is beneficial, meaningful, and beautiful. This is where my passion lies, and this is why I am no longer calling myself a blogger but a content creator.

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Alyssa Campanella of The A List blog sharing why I've stopped calling myself a blogger wearing Lindsey Thornburg cape in Alberta, Canada

Photos by Torrance Coombs.

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  1. I absolutely loved reading this, and completely agree with everything you write. Your incredible editorial-style shoots and posts are some of my favourites on the internet, and I love how you transform every new trip and adventure into the chance to tell a beautiful story.

    Briony xx

    Posted 2.6.19 Reply
  2. pereza

    eres una pereza de tia. es increible la cantidad de estupideces sin sentido a las que les das mil vueltas como si estuvieras descubriendo la electricidad en polvo. documentate un poco y luego habla…

    Posted 3.5.19 Reply