Glamorous Faux Fur Coats

As we are in the midst of cold weather season, the same conversation gets brought up year after year in regards to one of winter’s biggest trends: the topic of faux fur vs real fur. Most of my favorite coats during the winter season are faux fur coats, and I’ve been happy to see more and more brands nix using real fur for faux fur in their styles. Keep reading for some of my favorite, glamorous faux fur coats.

I do not own real fur coats (or any products), so I am partial to stocking up on faux fur ones. In 2013, I posed nude for PETA with three other former Miss USAs to take a stand against real fur coats being given as prizes. While I had already stressed to my modeling agency since I was 16 that I would never pose with real fur, on this shoot date I made a vow to never wear real fur coats. I’ve stuck to that vow, with me choosing to wear faux fur coats in wintry places like Iceland, Finland, Alberta, and Québec.

The argument of whether a faux fur coat can even keep you warm is one that I have been happy to divulge in. Even in the coldest of climates, I have found warmth and comfort with some gorgeous faux fur coats. Particularly in Finland one year ago, I swore by this coat repeatedly even in below 0 temperatures. Recently in Québec, I wore a faux fur coat every day that accentuated the snowy background and continued to stay warm.

This winter season, some of the best faux fur coats that have caught my eye are those with bright colors, vibrant patterns, and you can never deny the chicness of a standout faux shearling coat. With brands adopting faux fur over real fur use, brands are becoming more and more creative with styles. From short coats to long coats, there has been a plethora of glamorous faux fur coats this winter season. As I prepare to head to snowy New York City next week, I will be packing several faux fur coats that will keep my looks warm, stylish, and feminine.

My Faux Fur Coats

Other Favorite Faux Fur Coats

Alyssa Campanella of The A List blog shares glamorous faux fur coats wearing Urbancode London faux fur coat


Photos by Torrance Coombs.

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