My Summer Makeup Favorites

My makeup routine over the years has become even simpler than before, especially during the warmer summer months. LA is quite dry and sunny pretty consistently, but there’s something about having that “summer look” or “summer touch” with my makeup. I never overdo my makeup except if I am having a late night with my girlfriends at a dinner event. But I always rely on the same summer makeup favorites to give me that refreshed, sunshine look that I am aiming for.

My makeup routines used to take me 45 minutes to an hour to complete. That was when I was in my early 20s. I thought I needed to apply heavy makeup all the time since I was continuously being photographed. Not much has changed in that regard – I am still consistently photographed however, I have chosen to apply my makeup much more lightly and naturally. The no-makeup-makeup look really took off several years ago, and I have been using that as inspiration to keep me from going overboard.


Before I start applying any eyeshadow, I cover my lids with this primer to make the colors even, smooth, and blend-able. Next, I’ve been relying on eyeshadow palettes from Dior to complete my entire eye look, with this Dior palette being my favorite. I like to use browns in the summer, with a medium shade on my lid and a darker shade on the outer edge and in the crease. Then I use this eyeliner pencil to color in my water line under my upper eyelid. If I am heading to an event, I will use this liquid eyeliner on my top lid followed by this eyeshadow to keep it all in place. If I am just heading out to dinner or to a business meeting, I will simply use the darkest shade in my eyeshadow palette with an angled brush and apply it like eyeliner on my upper eyelid. It gives my eyes an extra pop without the harsh line of liquid liner. Next, I use this eyelash curler to curl my long but flimsy eyelashes (I have to sleep with an eye mask every night which doesn’t make me a candidate for eyelash extensions, sadly). I follow up with my lash primer before applying my favorite mascara on top (they also come as a mini duo here). Finally, I started using an eyebrow pencil again to lightly color in my brows since in the summertime they can fade a little. In total, my eyes take about 5 minutes to do these days as opposed to 15 minutes back in the day.


I stopped wearing foundation as much as I used to last summer, and then by the fall of this past year I stopped wearing it altogether. I simply rely on concealer for under my eyes and any blemish marks that need covering up. My skin care routine has given me the confidence to feel like I do not need to cover my skin in foundation at all, even when I do have a hormonal or stress acne breakout. I rely on this concealer to get the job done (it’s one of my favorites). For the last several months, I switched from using a powder blush to a cream blush since I feel the cream blushes keep that dewy, glowing look on my skin that I like so much from my skin care routine. I still use this powder blush from time to time, but I really enjoy this cream blush since it also doubles as a highlighter (also another summer makeup favorite). I use a foundation brush to apply my blush and blend it into my skin. Last but not least, I use this natural powder if my face is still too shiny from my face oils and moisturizer.


I do not wear much lipstick in the summer, but my go-to lip product has been this liquid lipstick since it stays on all day. My favorite colors are Baci and Perla, with Baci being my everyday favorite. On days I am not wearing lipstick, I absolutely love this chapstick that keeps my lips so hydrated especially on days where Los Angeles reaches triple digit heat.

What are some of your summer makeup favorites?



Photos by Felicia Lasala.

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