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It’s that time of year for those warm-filled, cocktail-clinking, sun-drenched summer vacations that you’ve been counting down to for months. My summer travel plans continue to heat up (pun intended) by the minute, and so I will be relying on a few of my favorite summer vacation staples to bring along with me on my adventures. Whether it’s to vine-covered wine country or to the sandy escapes of a tropical beach, I’ll be prepared with some of these summer vacation favorites.

First and foremost, one item you cannot do without is the perfect oversized hat. Any summer outfit is beautifully completed with a gorgeous summer hat. Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean you cannot bring your hat wardrobe with you. I know the thought of bringing a massive straw hat sounds daunting, but when packaged right it doesn’t feel much of a nuisance at all. Lately my favorite summer hats are this oversized hat with tie front, this oversized straw hat at under $60, and this hat with a thick trim. There’s also this Instagram-favorite hat if you’re truly daring with your packing! My trick for packing big hats? I tend to layer the bottom of my suitcase with shoes, bags, and other hevaier items before a layer of some clothes. Before settling my hat in on top of the first later of clothes, I stuff the headpiece with clean underwear or socks to help keep its shape. I then layer more clothes around the hat to act like a buffer while everything gets jostled around in my suitcase. If you’re really worried about your hat being jostled around, you can always carry your hat onboard with you and put it in the overhead bins.

One other item I always bring is one flowing maxi dress for dinner. Whether it be an inland destination or a romantic beachside weekend, having that one special dress for dinner or other special occasion is always very important to me. My latest favorite dress feels like it is straight out of Pride & Prejudice, but that’s what makes it all the more romantic and summer-like. I also love this dress because of it’s flowing fabric, and this gorgeous floral number for it’s smocked waist (hey, I like to eat a lot and drink some good wine while I’m on vacation!).

Finally, you cannot forget one pair of the comfiest sandals for your relaxed feet that will go with practically any outfit you bring. I’m really picky about my sandals. For a while, I barely brought any on summer vacations because I preferred closed toe flats since they were usually much more comfortable. Some really cute sandals can leave you an unwanted blister or two, just enough to frustrate you when you’re supposed to be on vacation. But over the last year or so, I’ve watched my sandals collection triple by sticking to some of the same brands over and over each year because I can vouch for how comfortable they are. I’ve been swearing by these sandals already this year (despite the cooler-than-average weather Los Angeles has been facing lately). They are extremely comfortable and will go with every outfit of mine on any trip (they also come in black). I also love these sandals by the same brand, and these sandals as well.

Do you have any summer travel plans? What are some of your summer vacation essentials?

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