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This is a topic I have been wanting to write about for some time, but I wanted to properly wait until I saw enough results to warrant an entire blog post. A blog post on my current hair care secrets has been requested over and over, and so I am happy to share with you every single tool and product that I use. This post is in no way sponsored by any brand, as being open and honest with you all is my number one priority. Keep reading to learn more about my tricks for gorgeous hair.

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First, let me say that everyone’s hair is different. I happen to have very fine hair, but a lot of it. My hair has suffered a lot of damage over the last 11 or so years, due to constant dyeing, styling, extensions, etc. Fast forward to present day, I can finally say I am in love with my hair again after giving it some serious TLC with the right products and routines. Below is my step-by-step process on my tricks for gorgeous hair.

Shampoo & Condition

The first step in achieving gorgeous hair is what you use to clean and condition it with. I first use this restoring shampoo, followed by a restoring conditioner. After applying the conditioner, I use a thick comb to make sure the conditioner is pulled all the way through from scalp to ends. I tend to shampoo and rinse first, then apply the conditioner, then wash my body, and then save rinsing out the conditioner for the very last. My hair has a tendency to be dry, so those extra minutes with the conditioner siting on my scalp and strands gives my hair the extra love it needs.

Leave In Conditioner & Oil Drops

After I get out of the shower, I use a special waffle knit hair towel to squeeze excess water out of my hair. I do not wrap my hair in a towel. This can actually damage your hair and break it. After combing my damp hair, I then twist it into a clip and leave it there for some time. I try to air dry my hair as long as possible to reduce how much heat I will have to apply to it when it comes time to blow dry. When I am finally ready to blow dry my hair (usually an hour later), I untwist my hair and apply my leave-in-conditioner mixed with oil drops. In the palm of my hand, I squeeze a little bit of moisturizing cream and then add 5 drops of booster oil. I mix both together in my hands before patting them on my ends. Any remaining conditioner is then combed through with my fingers over my scalp.

Volumizing Spray & Heat Protection Spray

The next step is spraying my damp hair before I blow dry. I first use this volumizing spray by spraying different sections of my scalp. The final step is applying a heat protection spray around my head to help prevent damage from blow dryers and curling irons. I have been using this heat protecting spray for a year and a half now, and it definitely helps protect my sensitive hair.

Curling Iron

This tool has been my most requested item for the last few months. I have actually been using this curling iron for a while, but I only recently made it my main, go-to curling iron. My trick is to use it upside down. In my experience, the curls come out a bit bouncier and more luscious.


To lock every curl into place so it doesn’t completely fall (my hair tends to relax a bit and lose tight curls within 2 hours), I use this strong hold flexible hairspray. I’ve sworn by this hairspray for almost 2 years now, and it’s still my favorite hairspray in the world. It also smells great and not like typical hairspray.

Finishing Touches

Since I tend to have a bunch of baby hairs from my regrowth that cause a nuisance, I like to tame them as well as annoying flyaways with a little bit of oil. I use this honey-infused hair oil to keep them in check. When I travel, I use this hair oil instead since the other one is in a glass bottle.

My Go-To Comb

And finally, one of my final tricks for gorgeous hair and to keep my hair soft throughout the day and maintain it’s lively and bouncy look, I never leave home without this comb. I also use this comb while curling my hair to smooth sections of my hair out before I curl them. It’s a bit pricey for a comb, but it really is a huge favorite of mine.

What are some of your tricks for gorgeous hair? Have you tried any of these products? Comment with your favorites below!

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