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Happy Monday A-Listers! Very, very excited about today’s post! Some of the most common questions I receive are “What kind of makeup do you use?” and “I want your cheekbones – How do you contour your face?” I love getting questions like these because I love sharing my tips and tricks. Today I am sharing my tips on contouring with LORAC Cosmetics, which was founded by renowned makeup artist Carol Shaw.

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Being a former pageant girl, I am used to having to be in full hair and makeup practically every day for interviews, events, and television appearances. While competing at Miss USA in 2011, one of my go-to makeup brands was LORAC Cosmetics. As much I love my naturally pale (almost ghostly) skin, I was about to compete on a stage with enough lights to make you go broke from your electric bill three times over. My pageant director suggested I try LORAC Cosmetics’ TANtalizer, which is basically a tan foundation for your skin that gives a little shimmer, and that’s where my love for LORAC began.

The LORAC Cosmetics PRO Contour Palette, one of their newest features in their upcoming fall collection, is one of the most diverse palettes you can find for contouring your face. The palette comes in six shades – three for highlighting and three for contouring. This palette is perfect for any skin tone because of it’s variety of colors. On a personal note, this works for me because I am naturally pale but sometimes I do have a little bit of a tan so this palette works for both. A tip guide comes with the palette, but one of my personal contouring tricks is to always contour SOFTLY. I’ve seen many makeup artists or even pageant girls press down too hard trying to really define their cheekbones, and unless you want to look like Angelina Jolie in Maleficent, I recommend lightly brushing your chosen contour color under your cheekbones for a more natural contour look. I also recommend using a shimmer highlight up the center of your nose until just above the start of each eyebrow. It slims and elongates your nose.

LORAC Cosmetics’ Fall Collection also includes one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes, the LORAC PRO Matte Eyeshadow Palette. I have never really been into shimmering eyeshadows unless absolutely necessary, and I typically prefer brown colors on my eyes, so I appreciate all the matte colors in this palette. Ranging from a nude linen color to a chocolate brown to jet black, this palette of eight colors allows contouring on your eyes to be completely easy whether you’re going for a simple, natural look or a sultry, smokey eye.

The LORAC PRO Contour Palette is currently exclusively available on before officially launching at all official retailers on July 5. The PRO Matte Eyeshadow Palette and PRO Front of the Line Eyeliners will be launched with the full collection at KOHL’s and ULTA on July 5 and on LORACCOSMETICS.COM on July 7. The PRO Plus Fiber Mascara is currently available now at KOHL’s.

Also be sure to check out my LORAC PRO-file here (and be sure to click through ALL the looks!).

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Thanks to LORAC Cosmetics for sponsoring this post.

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  1. I’ve been looking for a contouring palette so I may have to give this one a try! Thank you for the suggestions xx

    Posted 6.23.15 Reply
  2. I liked your review, and I want to buy this palette. I looked for something similar for the photoshots

    Posted 6.23.15 Reply
  3. tina

    i love lorac cosmetics im so allergic to make up that i put i generally use 3 cosmetic product mac lorac bobbi brown

    Posted 6.27.15 Reply
  4. its give look to us different

    Posted 9.9.15 Reply