One Year with InCircle

I can’t believe it’s been one year since I started my InCircle journey with Neiman Marcus. Over the past year, I know you’ve seen me share a lot about my experience as an InCircle member, both on the blog and on social media, highlighting my favorite features and benefits. I had been shopping at Neiman Marcus for years, both in person and online, but I didn’t join InCircle until last year. I wish I had joined sooner! I like my shopping experiences to feel personal and VIP, and that’s just a small glimpse of what I have experienced with InCircle.

I think it’s safe to say that this past year has not been the year any of us planned. There have been a lot of ups and downs, and even a few upside down moments on top of that. 2020 has given us the good, the bad, and the ugly, with lots of changes happening all at once. With most of us remaining at home for the last 7 months, online shopping has entered a whole new exciting phase.

With InCircle and my Neiman Marcus credit card, not only have I been able to enhance my online shopping experience, but the benefits I have received are some of my favorites of any retailer. From free gift packaging (Circle 3+) and earning points on nearly every purchase. Neiman Marcus has truly paved the way for online shopping to feel luxurious, unique, and very VIP.


What has been my favorite benefit of InCircle Membership?

Definitely the Concierge!

With InCircle Concierge (Circle 4+), I only had the opportunity to experience it once pre-COVID-19 when I was in London. Yes, I was in the UK and being a member of InCircle provided me the amazing benefit of my own personal concierge service even while abroad. I stayed at their partner hotel, The Stafford London, and was treated with the utmost respect and VIP service. InCircle Concierge isn’t just for travel abroad! Even as we all stay home and enjoy staycations, InCircle Concierge can help if you’re in need of a dinner reservation at an amazing restaurant in town. They’re on it to make sure it gets done. Do you know of many other retailer loyalty programs that offer this? It’s so luxe!


Which benefits have been my favorite shopping perks?

The Point Card is probably my favorite shopping perk. After earning 10,000 points, I receive a $100 Point Card that can go towards future purchases. It’s fun collecting points as well as getting to treat myself to something special afterwards.

However, I will point out that my second favorite shopping perk is the free gift packaging (Circle 3+). As we are approaching the holidays, a lot of us will be separated from our family and friends during the most wonderful time of the year. Gift giving will have to happen from afar, and a lot of my favorite gift brands and home decor can be found at Neiman Marcus so I can order gifts for my family and have them gift wrapped free of charge. It’ll definitely be the most used benefit over these next few months.


What are some of the changes that Neiman Marcus has made in the wake of COVID-19 that has made my shopping experience just as safe and enjoyable even during the new normal?

Without a doubt, it is the digital styling.

I love drawing fashion inspiration from as many sources as possible, but I was really stumped with how to prepare for fall fashion. After one digital styling session with a Neiman Marcus stylist, I was HOOKED. I was matched with Sheb (@styledbysheb on Instagram), who then asked me a few questions (including budget) before coming up with 10 looks for me to discuss via a Zoom call. Every single look she presented screamed my name, which made the whole digital styling experience so incredibly luxe and VIP because it felt like I had my very own personal stylist preparing my wardrobe for fall fashion. I informed her of items I already owned that I wanted to revolve my fall wardrobe around, and she nailed every single look by following that wish.

I seriously cannot vouch for the digital styling experience enough, especially since it’s open to all Neiman Marcus customers. I plan on participating in digital styling at least once before the start of every season because not only do I love a closet revamp, but I also love how personal and one-on-one the whole experience is. It allows me to shop safely on my couch in my sweatpants without having to leave the house by ordering my favorite looks online (or you can also arrange for curbside pickup – also available to everyone!).

If you’re looking for a true loyalty program where your membership makes you feel like you’re getting a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, I cannot stress enough how much I love InCircle and the Neiman Marcus credit card. I’m looking forward to spending the holidays shopping with Neiman Marcus as well as scheduling a few more digital styling sessions.

If you’re interested in applying for a Neiman Marcus credit card and becoming an InCircle member, click here to learn more about this amazing program.

Thanks to Neiman Marcus for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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