The Romantic Bride

I like to describe myself as an unapologetically hopeless romantic. When I think about moments in life or the ambiance that excites me the most, they all revolve around romance. What is more romantic than two souls and two hearts coming together as one in an intimate ceremony full of love, devotion, and happiness? For those who live, breathe, eat, and drink romance as I do, dressing for the part on your most special day matters a great deal. One of the world’s most popular bridal brands, David’s Bridal, has officially partnered up with Fame & Partners to give you the very best in making you the romantic bride you have always dreamt of being for your magical day.

Alyssa Campanella of The A List blog shares her wedding bridal look for the romantic bride with David's Bridal

Alyssa Campanella of The A List blog shares her wedding bridal look for the romantic bride with David's Bridal

As someone who has been a bride before, I know all about wanting your day to be filled with endless romance. From the flowers to the venue to the vows and finally to the dress, this a day that matters most to both you and your beloved. All the days, months, and even years spent together has culminated to this perfect moment in time, where you hold hands and lock eyes while vowing to love each other, to take care of each other, to protect each other, and to devote yourselves to one another. There’s nothing more romantic than wanting to become one with the love of your life.

This dress by Fame & Partners x David’s Bridal’s latest collaboration first caught my attention because of its gorgeously romantic puff sleeves. I am someone who thrives on watching period dramas over and over. I am someone who enjoys reading the same Jane Austen novels over and over. I am someone who believes that love is something really special. Thus, I found this dress to be the perfect dress for me if I was getting married again. While a big wedding is extremely exciting and something I can check off my list, there’s something extra intimate and special with the thought of having a private wedding – an elopement – with just me and my beau, and this dress would be the perfect one for that occasion.

The romantic bride is effortless, graceful, and elegant without being over the top. Imagine coming down the floral adorned pathway or even simply down the courthouse hallway to the spot where you and your love will become one – legally and spiritually – in a georgette dress even Jane Austen would approve of that evokes the most romantic of circumstances. Perhaps there are flowers in your hair. Perhaps you’re wearing a brooch that is a family heirloom. Perhaps you’re holding a small nosegay of intricate florals. Perhaps there’s no one else there but just you and your significant other – your future spouse – as you speak the words face to face that officially bind you together.

Not only does this dress come at an affordable price point, it’s the perfect dress to take you from day to night that can accommodate all kinds of stylizing ideas. Style it with the perfect pair of lace up heels or even the most comfortable, flattering flats for your special day. Finish the look with a beaded comb in your hair, a floral crown, or even a simple fascinator with a short veil. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your most romantic day. This is your moment to shine as the gorgeous, romantic bride you are.

Alyssa Campanella of The A List blog shares her wedding bridal look for the romantic bride with David's Bridal


Thanks to David’s Bridal for sponsoring this post.
Photos by Felicia Lasala.

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  1. Ariana

    I adore the simplicity and pure elegance of the dress Alyssa! Your make up is perfect and matches the flowers, I love the darker shades. Good luck with the move and thanks for providing me an escape during one very hard year for me, your blog is a strong source of positivity, especially your more personal posts.

    Posted 8.20.19 Reply
  2. Bekki

    hey, Alyssa your fan from India. I love this dress very much and it really suits you. A little advice(if you believe in superstition) in my culture the wedding should happen either early morning(like 5 or 6 am), mid-morning like (11) or night (after sunset). Your wedding happens around evening around sunset which is not a good time to start a life because the sun is essential for everything when you do good around sunset, means its bad omen in my culture. Next time you got married stick to above time for a happy life and long marriage. I hope i didn’t cross the line, these are very part of my marriage in my culture. Timing and date are very important for Indians. Also little numerology next time when or if you start dating the check for guys with life path number or birth number as 1. they will compliment you well and you will have wonderful marriage life as queen Elizabeth who is 3 like you and prince Philip is 1. Same for Emily blunt who is 1 and her hubby is 3, john legend is 1 and Chrissy is 3. All these people have a good marriage, Partick Adams is 7 as you and his wife are 1. (your total date of birth is (2+1=3 is birth number and life path number is 2+1+3+1+9+9=25=2+5=7). Google for these numerology namely a guy pandit he is very famous numerologist and he has everything in life according to the numbers. The book is avaialbale in amazon.

    Posted 8.21.19 Reply
  3. I absolutely adore this dress! I am a hopeless romantic and I live for things as beautiful as this dress. This dress doesn’t look like a wedding dress but a Northern Italian summer’s dream dress. You look absolutely beautiful, Alyssa.

    Darianne |

    Posted 9.15.19 Reply